Today just keeps getting weirder and weirder when it comes to choices of directors. On the large slate for Marvel’s Phase 3 of films, we are getting a third installment of the Chris Hemsworth Thor films. Knowing what I do on the comic book storyline itself, there is going to be a lot dimensional travel and some big hitters as villains (assuming they go that true to the comics) and I’m not sure how director Taika Waititi fits as Thor’s third director.

Who am I kidding? Marvel has done little to no wrong when it comes to picking their directors for these movies. We saw Guardians of the Galaxy pay off along with Ant-Man this year and their directors were comedic in nature as far as style goes. Waitti is known best for his work on the cult classic show Flight of the Conchords but not much else has given him the validity we’d hope for, but Marvel will be Marvel, and so long as Kevin Feige is making most of the decisions there isn’t much to be concerned about.

On a cultural note, Taika Waitti will the first non-white director for these Marvel films seeing he Maori (a branch of Polynesian people in New Zealand) which is cool nonetheless, but we can only hope he does well with such a big property like the third Thor film.


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