From the casual film fans point of view, there seems to be nothing but superheroes and reboots of other franchises which begs them to ask themselves and their peers, “Why does Hollywood not make anymore original stuff?”. My counter to that is simple, Hollywood is making new and original content, but none of you are seeing it.

I totally get it, if you aren’t a raging film fan like myself you aren’t likely to see all the smaller projects studios release. In general, smaller budget films are rarely seen by a general public because they aren’t likely to make studios a large amount of money unless they are in the horror genre. Smaller budget films are sometimes referred to as “indie-films” and are the ones you don’t hear much about except during award season or maybe when critics detail a performance from an actor due to their prior works.

I won’t argue that this trend of remakes and reboots has become such a reach for many studios, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t any original films out there for you to enjoy, the trick is finding them in a theater near you. Think of films that were completely original that hit a wide range of theaters this year, Ex Machina is the first film that comes to mind. Because people went out to support and see the film did it keep getting a wider release. Sure it wasn’t making Jurassic World money, but it was seen by those who were curious enough.

What you as a fan of original storytelling needs to do is keep up with new films (through this site of course) and to spend your time and money to see the original films in order to get more from the talents surrounding the project. The film industry is and always will be a business, I repeat, a business, and businesses want to make money.

We are in an era where there are actually more original films being made than any other time in the history of talkies, but with that comes the ying to it yang and that means more unoriginal films and remakes and reboots. The art of original film making is far from dead. Look at acclaimed directors like Denis Villeneuve, Quentin Taratino, Paul Thomas Anderson, Wes Anderson, anyone at Pixar, Best-Director winner Alejandro Inarritu, Alfonso Cuaron, James Cameron, and Christopher Nolan. These acclaimed directors have given us some of the best films arguably of all time along with some of the most original and we general know who most of them are.

Original films and stories aren’t dead, they’re just like genres of music lying in the depths of our own fandom, waiting to be heard and seen, but they have one thing in common, and that is that they all need/have support from their fans. So what we need to do in order to see more original films is also to support the good stuff from all levels. Keep that in mind.


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