I’m just happy to know this movie is actually a real thing. For so long we were given delays and questionable rumors about whether or not this film is even going to happen, but once that photo of Michael Fassbender dropped in the iconic white uniform I knew there was going to be some promising news coming soon and here it is, Brendan Gleeson and Jeremy “Freaking” Irons are now cast as fathers in this film.

Not only are these some of the most distinguished actors in the business, but also some of the more undervalued to a general audience. Irons has had more success with name recognition and that incredible voice of his, but Gleeson is the man we seem to recognize when he is on screen. From Mad-Eye Moody in Harry Potter, to a revenge filled priest in Calvary, Gleeson has shown us he can hold himself just fine in a film.

Gleeson is Fassbender’s father while Irons plays Cotillard’s father in the film. Cotillard and Fassbender are being directed by their Macbeth director for the film and will hopefully look half as good as the Macbeth trailer did.


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