Before all the Bond purists come into my room with their silencers and martini’s, I understand that in this day and age opinions rev like engines while nothing but black exhaust clouds our judgement. I’m here to give the argument as to why Daniel Craig is the best Bond we’ve ever had.

Most of us will usually claim that Sean Connery, Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan is the best Bond we’ve had, but no one likes to admit that Daniel Craig is the best amalgamation of every Bond we’ve had. It’s concerning a lot of the time when those “manly men” bring up Sean Connery and how he didn’t have all the emotional turmoils like Craig, but those people probably still think hitting women is cool too. I’m kidding, sort of, but Connery is not a poor choice at all. I mean, the guy was the first Bond the mainstream ever saw and his charm and charisma carried him through the six films he was in as Bond.

Let’s see, Daniel Craig not manly? Well I can’t see that being an argument anyone would win. Casino Royale alone ushered in an era of a more realistic and gritty 007 that stayed truest to it’s first book says most experts. Craig also proved that as long as you have the charm and class and all things that personify Bond, hair color and physical features need not apply. Roger Moore was the oldest most seasoned actor to play Bond and the focus on his Bond was on the playboy aspects of the character rather than the spy stuff as a whole.

So far we have the manly man part for Craig, check. We have the playboy aspect of Bond definitely down and now we just need the fun part down which brings me to the comparison between Craig and Brosnan. Brosnan’s Bond films proved to be a mixture of campy and fun with everything else in between, rightfully so, Brosnan was looked as one of the best Bonds to ever do it. That same argument goes to why Craig is the best Bond we’ve ever had.

With every element that fans of the films loved all wrapped into one man and his new franchise it’s hard to argue against Craig as one of the best, if not the best. He is charming, fun, deadly, and the best 00, but delivers a realism and flare that the best spy and action films deliver to us. Sure, he isn’t the traditional look everyone would think, but telling me these newest films (Quantum of Solace not withstanding) are not two of the best or Craig not being the best is silly to me. It’s okay to like Connery the most or whomever, but don’t let nostalgia cloud your sense of judgement. For me, I see all the best parts of Bond within Daniel Craig’s rendition and then some.


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