November is upon us and the year of the spy still shoots on with a new short action packed trailer for the latest in the James Bond franchise.

Though it’s short, the latest Spectre trailer tells the evergrowing scale of James Bond in a way Sam Mendez has mastered. With few big scenes fully revealed and even less being spoken, there was plenty to be said about this 1:16 long trailer.

Obviously Daniel Craig is still our Bond and doing a great job through his three films and that is likely to not change so long he rocks those suits and that British accent, but the questions remain on who Christoph Waltz character could be in the film, but I’d rather find out for myself anyways.

I’m shocked, but also relieved that this trailer showed mostly the scale of the film while it also gave us a strong reminder that this is still the world’s greatest spy to ever be put on film.

Spectre comes to theaters this November in a theater near you.


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