This is still my most anticipated film of 2015, yes over Star Wars and everything else, here’s why:

With the award winning director of Birdman has given me one of my favorite trailers of the year with this new Western-revenge style film and I am doing more than giving gifts this Christmas.

The shots and cinematography done by Emmanuel Lubeski (Gravity and Birdman) looks better than most films I see as they are using natural light and the Lexa-65. This almost feeds off of the first trailer (HERE) which didn’t give us much of what the stories core elements were going to be and also what the character’s motivations were. Now, we have deep insight on the reasons why and how they are likely to have been played.

Tom Hardy as villains is just automatic. There isn’t a role he’s done that doesn’t somewhat give me chills and it’s that look in his eyes that makes you freeze in tension filled emotion. DiCaprio is still my guy to hopefully get his Oscar, but of course the Academy isn’t partial for too many character’s like this even though it falls into the semi-biographical space.

Either way, this is the film I most want to see this year as December is shaping to be the best month for movies with October coming off as a promising second.


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