Damien Lewis, a star in his own right through performances on television series like Homeland and Band of Brothers may be the guy to replace Craig once his stint with Bond is complete.

Sorry to everyone to bring the possible news of Idris Elba not becoming the next Bond like we all want, but let’s be rational the best we can and realize the logic and quality of this possible casting choice. Damien Lewis is a class act thespian in his own right. He is respected by most people that know him or are fans of his and he can truly act his butt off so why should we be mad at this point?

Though not nearly as drastic a change as most fans desire for the character, Damien Lewis rocks natural orange hair which doesn’t flow with the traditional Bond hair color, but the 44 year old actor has every other trait we possibly want from a good Bond. He is ruggedly handsome, he is classy but tough, and he knows the world of drama and action like a Bond actor would need. Sure, we know tons of other actors who fit that role well *cough cough Elba* but since we aren’t getting what we want yet again, we best buckle up for the ride anyways.

But in all seriousness, this is a quality pick if once confirmed. Damien Lewis is someone we should be rooting for not against. Either way, it is likely Craig is completely done with the role after Spectre releases in theaters in a few months, and we can only wonder what type of Bond he will be if he is indeed the man for the future studio who gains the rights of Ian Fleming’s super spy.

SOURCE: Daily Mail 


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