For God’s sake, can Sony take chill pill with these reboots? I know they managed to get lightening in a bottle with 21 Jump Street 1&2, but now they have an all female Ghostbusters film (reboot) and are trying to get one of the most intriguing franchises back on the ground with Men in Black.

The reports from Entertainment Weekly report that Sony wants to bring back to life a franchise most aren’t as connected to through the third installment. Personally, I enjoy the first and the third film with the second film not withstanding, but there is rich material to explore. From the sounds of it, there will not be any Will Smith in these future films. It doesn’t come to a shock that Smith won’t return seeing he is likely tied up with other projects, some are for Sony as a matter of fact, it has to do with Smith being a cop or something…OH! and he has that DC movie or something as well…

Let me be the optimist for this situation, a reboot, though awfully soon and definitely a reach, could work. You’re probably thinking, “well no duh it could work”, and you’re right. The films themselves were humor and sci-fi together as one, but if they are smart and don’t copy what the films were, they could breed a cool alien based police patrol film. This doesn’t have to be some sort of depressing, humorless version of the film, but it can be taken more seriously, but these are mere ideas.


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