A hero is never defined by his physical abilities but his ability to protect the innocent and destroy the corrupt. We all wish we could have such a strong moral code strapped onto our utility belts, but we all fall victim to one cruel reality: we are only human, but Batman isn’t an alien or robot, he too is only human. Batman is the pinnacle of human excellence both mentally and physically as he goes through Gotham and parts of the world making sure justice prevails over the corrupt and the wicked.

A perfect personification of the manifestation of human rage and passion, Bruce Wayne is a figure unlike any other character or real person to give readers and viewers a sense or morale and hope, though Superman tends to disagree with the whole hope thing. He serves as a healthy reminder that bad things happen to everyone and it’s how we overcome the pain and suffering and transform into something positive for the good people around us whether it’s under a mask or not.

Batman is relatable for everyone that knows him. If you have experienced loss, love, lust, anger, and conflict, it is all somewhere beneath the cape and cowl of our Dark Knight.

What Batman is to me is an inspiration through an exaggerated figure. I’m scared of heights so I know I won’t be scaling buildings any time soon, but I do know that no matter what situation I am in, it is always worth lending a helping hand. One of the many great quotes from the Dark Knight trilogy of films is when Bruce says to Commissioner Gordon:

A hero can be anyone, even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a little boys shoulders to let him know that the world hadn’t ended.”

What Batman is, is a reminder that we all have that rage and anger over situations we can’t control, but that we are all human, and we all fall down, but we have to always remember to pick ourselves back up again.

If you are ever feeling down about something in your life I advise finding the nearest Barnes and Noble or comic-book shop and finding a Batman comic. Read that comic and be lost, even if for a moment, and remind yourself what the good is and why it’s okay to feel what ways you do. Batman should hold as a reminder of sacrifice for the bettering of others while you too become stronger in the process.

Have a great rest of your Batman Day and remember…I’m Batman!


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