I am one of the few people that enjoyed Prometheus and I will defend the film until the day I die, but this does not help my arguments on the viewers confused out of the flipping minds. Ridley Scott has not been the hot director we used to know him as, but thankfully The Martian is likely to change that view of the famed director. Doing another Prometheus or Alien movie is fine by me, but this is where the issue comes in…is it a Prometheus sequel or is it another Alien film?

Scott has stated the film sequel to Prometheus will in fact be called…Alien: Paradise Lost….

First off, why? Why tell us over and over again that Prometheus is not going to tie in with the Alien films if it clearly did and why claim this is a Prometheus sequel when you title it Alien: Paradise Lost? Even with the confusion and slightly unoriginal subtitle, the title intrigues me.

It’s clear as day that paradise was lost long ago in this series of now five films, but what I was becoming more exciting about was Scott claiming that the second film in the Prometheus franchise was going to tackle the history of the creators of the Xenomorphs known as Engineers and it would continue the story we had from the last movie, but how can we determine what this film is truly going to be a sequel to without any clear indication one links with the other?

With The Martian being an apparent hit for everyone who’s seen it, I am just glad Scott has returned to form to some capacity when it comes to making films because Exodus: Gods and Kings was just terrible and I boldly will exclaim this so someone brings it up.

Alien: Paradise Lost, the supposedly new name for the Prometheus film by Ridley Scott. Does this eliminate District 9 direct Neil Blomkamp’s Alien 5 idea or what?


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