Who can say they expected a Keanu Reeves action flick in 2014 to be as impressive and exciting as John WIck? The revenge flick gave us a limited speaking Reeves as a retired assassin who comes out of retirement due to something horrible happening to his dog, the last way to remember his late wife. Rightfully so, he avenges the puppy and the wife he so dearly loved by shooting anyone who gets in his way. With later scenes proving John Wick is back, we were hooked.

With the critics and audiences alike being floored by the nonstop action and luminescent scenery there was no denying this would get a second film. Having such an original and mysterious mythology to the character the Continental Hotel that homes assassins from every creed, there is a chance to give us even more rich entertainment.

The directing duo of Leitch and Stahelski, former stuntmen and stunt choreographers made their debut with film and lent out a quote that stated that they had ideas for days with this hopeful franchise and assuming it stays to this quality I can’t imagine this coming to fruition.

Who knows where they will go with the story itself with it more or less concluding nicely. As previously mentioned, I hope they bring back that cool assassin’s hotel into the fold. The film is supposedly shooting this fall with no further news on the films story itself.


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