It was a curious choice when Warner Bros./DC got horror phenom and Furious 7 director James Wan to direct the first ever Aquaman standalone film, but my nerd senses are tingling as to a possible theory that could allow the pieces to finally be put together, here I go…

There’s this comic I’m always discussing in the DC run known as the New 52 for those who aren’t aware which is a retelling and reboot of sorts for famed DC heroes and villains and storylines etc. Aquaman might have been the clearest winner when it comes to quality writing material if compared to the others. Below you will see the comic story line I think we are going to see for Wan’s Aquaman movie:

This is the first issue of Aquaman’s run in the New 52 and is a must read for many reasons, but check out why RIGHT HEREThe story is a middle finger to many of the dislikes on the character from his powers to his diet to his relationship with people, but it also creates a new(ish) issue Arthur Curry (Aquaman) must face, an untapped evil lurking in the trenches of the ocean…and they’re hungry.

Without spoiling the story, there are some creepy and dark moments in the panels which are quite literally, dark. Imagine Wan directing a scene of Aquaman in the dark depths of the ocean as a bunch of man-eating creatures attack land lovers and sea life alike leaving spats of blood in their trail.

Of course the film won’t go so gruesome, but the idea is strong and easy to accomplish with a PG-13 rating. It would definitely solidify Jason Momoa’s bad-assery on screen, but it also proves that there is more than saving fish in the ocean for this character. Wan’s ability to produce haunting atmosphere’s but also conjure (see what I did there?) a sense of fun and action as seen in the latest installment of the now beloved Fast and Furious franchise.

If James Wan and the team at Warner Bros. decides to follow this trend of doing more new-age comic-book story lines, it wouldn’t shock me in the slightest if they went this route. The story arc gets a spot to introduce iconic villains such as Black Manta, Ocean Master, and there are even cameos from the Justice League in later issues. Tell me this doesn’t make perfect sense or tell me what you think of the idea at all in the comments below.



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