Before you see this trailer, think of any heist film you’ve ever seen and combine with Keanu Reeves 90’s classic Speed and then leave your thoughts about the trailer below.

There’s something about seeing the attractive visuals of lights and money and cars and women that screams blockbuster entertainment and with such a stellar cast you hope it can become more than that.

With a cast that boasts, Morris Chestnut, Robert DeNiro, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Dave Bautista, and others, you have to wonder if this will be more than what it looks like, even if it’s exactly what it looks like we are in for a fun film. It seems like a mashup of concepts we’ve already seen, but it doesn’t make them less entertaining, but this trailer has done what I feel all trailers seem to do anymore and that is give us so many scenes of the film within the two and a half minutes that it leaves nothing to mystery.

With that being said, De Niro in these roles is always worth giving a chance and seeing these less flashy (though all talented as heck) it could be a refreshing film amidst all the “Oscar-bait” films people are so polar about.


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