I’m used to getting the opened jaw reaction when I tell people I don’t like nor really care about television outside of sports. With so many great films worth watching out there I don’t put my time into all these trendy television shows. People like to suggest to me the obvious choices whether it was; The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Hell on Wheels, or anything like that, I’d never get into it.

Shows I did enjoy for a small period of time became ridiculous and poorly expanded as they became something they weren’t (Arrow) or were just to goofy for me to take seriously (Flash). Other shows that I actually binged on (Grey’s Anatomy) were on for so damn long I began get bored of it, which leads me to my point, shows overstay their welcome.

If a show tends to do well, there will never likely be any closure until it’s cancellation, and that drives me crazy. At least in most films, you are treated to a full story with an ending to the story all in a span of a couple hours, but television requires such a dragged out attention span (which I apparently don’t have). Films, though are a straight shot of a story are usually always moving while shows require your attention for filler episodes or uneventful 45 minute sessions.

Movies on the other hand get bigger budgets and freedom to tell the story properly. Sometimes you need the adult themes of a PG-13 or Rated-R film and television that isn’t Netflix doesn’t tend to have that. Yes, I understand there are shows pushing that boundary, but I can’t take them seriously like I could with a quality film.

Give me cartoons (shout out Avatar: The Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra) and Planet Earth, but I can happily live without Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones, I don’t know why, but hey let me know what you guys think about this situation of mine and tell me if you agree or disagree or have an idea of what I’m thinking. Mine as well discuss in the comments, right?


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