We love to make Arthur Curry the punchline of all superheroes, which was fair for a long time, but I’m here to tell you right now that Aquaman has become a well written hero who isn’t worth f**king with anymore and I’m going to give you a list of worthwhile comics you should read for the King of Atlantis down below.

  • Aquaman: American Tidal: Picture this, everything and everyone all the way to the San Diego zoo is either killed or transformed by a massive tidal wave. The people who survived have a brand new physiology that allows them to live under water by breathing like an Atlantean could. Aquaman is shown as a true leader and king as he attempts to save and help adapt these people to their new ways of life all while trying to discover who is behind the transformation and if this was a mere natural disaster or if there is a true mastermind behind all this.  
  • Aquaman: Death of a Prince: You want to see what makes Aquaman so relatable and great, look no further. Imagine being a king of an underwater civilization and you have a beautiful and powerful wife by your side and your lovely offspring, but then some takes your only son from you…yeah. With some of his most iconic villains along with new villains (at the time), he is dethroned by a council that is run through conspiracy by an unknown villain who wants him killed on sight when he exited, talk about rough. Torturous ways of messing with Aquaman make a gruesome tale of corruption and loss of the ones you love and puts a whole new layer onto Aquaman as a hero.  
  • Aquaman (Peter David’s Versions): This is the Aquaman most of us run with when we hear the name. The long blonde hair with a hook for a hand, and the ditching of the orange scale suit. This is the era of Aquaman when he truly was given a bad-ass persona all while holding true to his character traits. If you like the idea of Jason Momoa as Aquaman, thank Peter David for the inspiration.  

Aquaman: The Trench: Geoff Johns has single handedly eliminated the lameness of Aquaman in just a few issues of the character. Excellently drawn by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, this gives a reintroduction within the first few panels detailing that Aquaman is tired of being your punchline. One of my personal favorite comics of all time just for the sheer ballsiness of the story alone, but it also produces a well crafted villain and story arc that spans a few more issues. The art, ugh the art. There is just so much detail with the underwater scenes and so on that it’s hard to put down. 

This is merely a small list on the lengthy catalog that is Aquaman, but if you are looking for some fun and colorful reads, these are great starting points. Aquaman should definitely look cooler in your eyes after this and hopefully you will see why. I want to give a huge shout out to Steve C. for suggesting this list and supporting this new little sector of The Gunn Range! If any of you out there want suggestions on good comics to read on any character, please leave your comments below and share this!


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