The Channing Tatum lead Gambit film has proven to be somewhat of a dilemma and tension inducing project for fans and studios alike. Reported to be aiming for a staggering budget of $150 million is enough to make even the good directors nervous and that has proven true with Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt leaving the project.

With Wyatt claiming that the push pack in the shooting for Gambit has proven to be an issue with his schedule, it’s a shame FOX has lost such a promising director yet again. We have 95 minutes of proof that Fox has had issues simply letting their directors do what they feel will make a great movie with the studios demands tarnishing the vision of their artists, and that’s concerning.

Tatum claimed that the issue was never him wanting to be in the film, but rather finding a director to make the film at all, and this is all appearing to be all too true. Hopefully Fox wises up to the possibilities of just letting their properties be taken care of those they entrust to the films like they did with Bryan Singer and the X-Men franchise or what they are allowing with Deadpool being Rated-R and branching off from the standard family friendly superhero films.

Whatever the case may later be, it is now a concerning situation for this project if they don’t get a capable (and fun) director to give us their take on the Cajun, card sling character. In the mean time, Tatum is hopefully perfecting that accent of his for when and if the movie does come out.


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