A live-action reboot by Disney, take a look.

Though it looks visually pleasing, it was not nearly as exciting as I had hoped. With a voice cast as big as this, I would have hoped to hear more than Scarlett Johansson as Kaa. This looks like a respectful remake of the classic tale from the red loincloth Mowgli  was wearing, but it was sort of…meh.

One of the big selling points for this version of The Jungle Book is it’s stellar cast for the voices, but we heard none of them. Yes, this is still a trailer, but maybe even a small line from Shere Khan at least, voiced by the great Idris Elba.

I’m sure we will be getting more in the next few months, but to not really hear anyone else, but (in my opinion) a silly cast Scar-Jo for Kaa throughout the trailer, I was underwhelmed. Maybe if she just did something to her voice, dawn an accent of some sort or change the pitch (you know something), maybe this would have had me more hooked, but meh.



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