As a PA resident, this is really cool news, but it’s also great news for all you Kevin Smith fans out there. Doing what most older celebrities tend to do nowadays by returning to franchises that made them popular, Kevin Smith fans have risen from their nerd chambers in excitement, but none are as happy as a local like myself where he is shooting the film only a couple minutes away from my area…stalk me, I dare you.

Mallrats is a signature Kevin Smith film with the goofy characters and strongly worded dialogue, but it’s the cult humor and the following behind it that allows this to be exciting news. Kevin Smith has been killing it as a podcaster and even made a film inspired by one of his conversations on the podcast of his, and we were later given Tusk. Though I thought the film was totally weird and unsettling, Smith did what all directors do and that is branch out, but it is nice to see him return to such an iconic property like this.

What are your thoughts on this news Mallrats fans and are any locals going to try out to be an extra?! I know I am!


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