Comic book films are everywhere and the overall consensus is that they are enjoyable and worth our money, Fantastic Four not withstanding, but what are some of the comic books worth reading? I get questions regularly regarding characters of all kinds that could be easily explained through one read.  I realized that I want to hurl a bunch of comics at people’s heads, but I don’t want to hurt the comics. Instead, I’ve decided to draw up a list every week on storylines and issues that are worth the read whenever you have questions.

These are the staple stories that will answer the most questions regarding who the characters are or what they are about. In fact, I implore all of you throw in your suggestions in the comments below as often as you want about questions regarding these characters and I will happily provide the answers, but for now, I am simply going give a light suggestion everyone’s favorite character, Batman.

We loved Christian Bale as Batman and Bruce Wayne and then once the news of Affleck becoming the Dark Knight, people got all pissy about it. Well, if we could all have just taken some deep breaths and understood what version of the character Zack Snyder was going for, we’d all be better off. Without further adieu my short list Batman stories worth reading:

  • The Dark Knight Returns: This has been heralded as arguably the greatest and most important comic book of all time. Giving us an older Bruce Wayne, retired from the world of crime fighting until he returns to face a new breed of criminal along with one of his most infamous criminals, Bruce Wayne has become angrier than ever. He becomes a bone breaking, fear inducing crime fighter with no concerns about making even the Man of Steel bleed. It’s brutally with the essential Frank Miller spin on the mythologies of Batman himself. The story includes cameos from Superman himself and even Catwoman and Green Arrow. 
  • Batman: Hush: This is a new age classic which also features an ensemble cast ranging from; Superman, Catwoman, Huntress, and a whole collection of villains that every fan can get into. This details the pain Batman feels for past failings as the caped crusader of Gotham City all while doing what Batman truly does best and that is be the greatest detective in all of comics. It chronicles a mission to find out who is behind all new crimes in Gotham as the webs seem to interlock with non-coincidental situations. It shows how brutal Batman has been and can become when pushed to his limits as well as showcasing his skillful detective skills. It’s a great and colorful read with something for everyone. 
  • Batman: The Killing Joke: Arguably one of the most brutal tales of Batman and his never ending rivalry with the Clown Prince of Criime, this has some of the suggestive imagery in all of Batman’s comics giving it almost a Rated-R feel to it as it suggests sexual abuse, murder, and torture. It’s likely an inspiration for Jared Leto’s new Joker as his previous photos suggested (with the camera), but if you want to understand the cruelest parts of Batman to understand why he is constantly brooding, this will explain everything. 

There you are folks my first segment for “What’s Worth Reading?”. I want to hear what your thoughts on these are and if you have any characters that you’d like some reading suggestions for! Make sure you write your suggestions in the comments and share and like this for more.


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