German’s just can’t let Christmas be merry can they? With every great being comes a shadow or negative reflection of themselves and what does good ol’ Saint Nicolas have? He has the child stealing, sees you when you’re sleeping, Krampus. Take note that this is a horror comedy:

Well it definitely looks funny. With an apparent reliance of mostly practical effects this film looks to be a cat and mouse style horror flick with the playful side of the infamous shadow of Santa Clause. Stuck in their home on Christmas after losing their Christmas spirit, the family which includes Adam Scott and Toni Collette are terrorized by the devilish version of Santa Clause.

I am more intrigued than I thought I would be for sure. The mythology alone is ripe for a film and we are likely going to get that here. Hopefully the film is equally as scary as it looks funny. It gave me that Christmas Vacation vibe mixed with Trick r’ Treat as far as tone.

The film will be out this holiday season, and remember, don’t get put on the naughty list…


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