Tom Hardy is a funny guy, but he really got the laughs going during some press work for his latest film Legend where he portrays both the infamous Kray twins in the London gangster flick. When being asked in an interview about if he’d want to return to the DCEU he said what most actors would say which was nothing short of a “hell yeah!” type response.

His role as Bane was once a polarizing choice for audiences, but has since found its place in infamous movie villains. Tom Hardy was asked in an interview with MTV, here are his comments:

“Somebody asked me who would I want to win out in a fight between Superman and Batman,” Hardy said, “and I would like to hold the pair of them under the water until the bubbles stop.”

Wow, spoken like a true villain Tom, much menacing, very wow. Of course his comments were fully sarcastic, but it begs the question to you fans, would you want him to be Bane again in the DCEU? I vote not as Bane, but Hardy is too talented to not cast as some other famed villain or even hero in the DCEU. His intensity in my opinion is suited perfectly for the style and tone that DC seems to be shooting for.

It’d be silly to recast a person in a large role in two different types of movies. Not that fans are that dumb, but people would be thrown off if he returned as “Gotham’s Reckoning”. Batman has the richest of all rogue-galleries and it wouldn’t be far-fetched for Hardy to portray one of the many other villains the gallery possesses. You have people like the monstrous Clayface or the gangster Black Mask, I mean heck, put him as Mr. Freeze for all I care, but Hardy is up for the task if you asked him.


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