Young adult novels are not safe when it comes to being adapted for films and the latest victim is that of the Y.A. (young adult) series known as Artemis Fowl. Variety‘s description for the books and film is this:

“Written by Eoin Colfer, the series follows the brilliant and cunning 12-year-old eponymous criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl II, whose plot to extort gold from the secret Fairy People puts him directly in the cross-hairs of some of the most dangerous creatures on earth. Over the series, Fowl becomes a sort of antihero rather than a full-fledged villain, often having to work together with the fairies to stop a slew of treacherous megalomaniacs.”

My opinions on young adult novels flickers like a broken light, but in the back of my mind I am always hoping that the films turn into either Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. The premise sounds cheesy, but it does have potential. There isn’t enough quality fantasy genre films in today’s culture and it’s upsetting to know such a rich genre isn’t being harvested adequately enough, but with the addition of world class actor and director Kenneth Branagh I feel the blood pumping back into my veins.

Branagh has given us some of the most impressive showings of live-action Shakespearean films along with films like Thor, Jack Ryan, and the latest Disney live-action adaptation Cinderalla. There is no doubt this brings a unique perspective on what the film could turn out to be, but we can’t be too sure. Nonetheless, recruiting talent like Branagh and playwright Conor McPherson, Branagh is sure to give his signature thespian like qualities into this “unique” YA brand.


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