School is starting, summer is ending, the air is cooling, and the fall/winter season is approaching. There have been hundreds of movies this year, some great and not so great. Sticking to my positive vibes for as long as I can I am going to give a Top 10 List of the Best Films of 2015 So Far. This list does not ignore foreign films, indie films, or any genre films can run under so long they are films.

I’d be lying if I said this has been a weak year for great films. The disappointment may change once fall and winter begin to spring upon as summer ends…that’s all four seasons in one sentence…I digress:

  1. Mad Max: Fury Road: A film you can’t stop talking about or thinking about is one of two things, a masterpiece or a master disaster, Fury Road was a masterpiece. Setting off a new era in action films, this not only brought feminism up a notch, but female action heroes in general. Beyond the social upgrades in the film, it’s gorgeously shot and directed thanks to master film maker George Miller. The acting, the action, the nonstop entertainment I got for its entire run-time is exactly why I go to the movies. 
  2. Inside Out: Pixar is without a doubt one of the top, if the not the most consistent studio to churn out A+ content with damn-near every film they create. Originality, with an ability to touch adults and kids alike something not too many films have the ability to do and yet we were able to view the trend continuing. Tell me, how do three grown men sob together in a theater of seven year olds and their parents? Pathetically, that’s how. 
  3. Dope: I’ve made it clear that my theater experience was less than stellar when I went to see the critically acclaimed film about making it through adverse situations aka Dope, but nothing can tarnish the greatness of a film that can hit you on all levels of the emotional spectrum. Yeah sure, Inside Out did the same thing, but this was different in content. The young stars shined in the California skies that made the setting of the film and produced deep thoughts for weeks in my tiny little brain. 
  4. Trainwreck: Having no prior opinion of Amy Schumer as a person, I could only begin to smile as the humor piled on for me in this surprisingly funny comedy of the year. Not only did I come in having no expectations due to the poor track record comedies tend to have with, but they exceeded them into the stratosphere, landing on the moon and sticking its flag into craters galore….that sounds gross, but you get my point. 
  5. Ex Machina: Suspense, subtly, deep themes, and only three characters in the whole stinking film. Ex Machina proves my love of films and audiences love for them as well because sometimes we can’t always watch explosions and cartoons, sometimes we need more toned down films an Ex Machina did all this with originality and exquisite acting. 
  6. The Voices: Ryan Reynolds as a Deadpool like character without having to be Deadpool, it’s brilliant. There’s a talking dog and a really f**ked up little cat and Anna Kendrick. It’s dark comedy gold as Reynolds is a likable serial killer who hears voices from said animals. He also has this weird little dance at the end and it’s just great.
  7. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation: I didn’t think this franchise could get better after Ghost Protocol, but Tom Cruise and crew are proving me wrong every time and I am quite alright with that. It gave Rebecca Ferguson as another promising actress in the action genre and I hope to see her in more films these coming years. It also gave me more stunts and action that actually works along a compelling and follow worthy story. 
  8. Straight Outta Compton: Talk about shattering expectations, I heard the rumblings that this film was good, but damn! If you love biopics or hip hop or music or just damn good movies, this was worth your ticket admission. It gave us a killer soundtrack, stellar performances from its green crew of young talent. The story changed a tad for us at the end, but it didn’t take from the overall project in of itself. 
  9. Kingsman: The Secret Service: Yes, this was released in 2015, it counts damn it. 
  10. TIE – Age of Ultron/Ant-Man: Marvel. They’re funny, they have action. Many superheroes. Much wow. Weak villains though, but still entertaining and that’s what I want from my movies. 

So far, there have been entertaining action flicks and disappointing dramatic entries, but what I’ve learned in my 21 years of life, films get better in the colder months, that’s Oscar season for those who don’t know, but it’s also just a more primed season for the highest quality of films to be released e.i. The Revenant, Star Wars, The Hateful Eight, Black Mass, Sicario, The Intern, etc.

Give me your lists of Best Movies of 2015…So Far in the comments below and tell me your thoughts on this list of mine!


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