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It’s official, Universal prefers accapella groups over giant robots and monsters. To hammer another nail in the coffin that is Pacific Rim 2, Universal is claiming that the slot Pacific Rim 2 was originally pushed back to in 2017 has been given to Pitch Perfect 3.

Guys, it’s all about the money, and Universal clearly knows where they want to go to make their money. Pacific Rim was a film that didn’t make the studios a boat load of money like Pitch Perfect had done, but it garnered a following that we as the fans hoped would get stronger as time went on. Pitch Perfect 2 was far weaker than the first film, which shocked everyone, but now Universal is saying that they are still going to make it happen…uh huh. The quote was this:

“The filmmakers, Legendary, and Universal Pictures are committed to having Pacific Rim 2, the sequel to 2013’s Pacific Rim, which generated more $411 million at the global box office, be the vanguard, fully-immersive experience that the franchise deserves. To this end, the decision was made to delay the production and release of Pacific Rim so that the creative team can continue in its efforts to exceed the amazing experience of the first film.”

Pitch Perfect 2 was more than flawed, but still managed to take my money along with millions other people’s as well by making over $285 million dollars worldwide, but clearly Universal has made their decision on the kaiju flick being less important.

It’s sad that such a fun film is put on the back-burner and let us hope Pitch Perfect 3 can learn from the mistakes of it’s sequel and that Pacific Rim 2 can find a home at the studio that actually wants to let it grow.


Every year we are treated with some wonderful films and future classics of all kinds, but there are some years that have bestowed upon us the most influential or memorable films in the history the talkie itself. These are years in which I believe film was at it’s best or at it’s most important.

The list also includes years that produced a plethora of films most fans and critics respect and enjoy. I know there will be years that I clearly missed so leave them in the comments and we can get a “redux list” of sorts in the future.

  • 1977: 1977 was a landmark year for science fiction and experimental narrations shown through the Best-Picture winner at the time Annie Hall. I
    • Star Wars: A New Hope, Annie Hall, Saturday Night Fever, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Eraserhead, The Hobbit (animated), & The Rescuers (animated) 
  • 1939: This is year that set the tone for our world without even knowing it. Giving us the first technicolor film and one of the grandest scale films of all time, 1939 should be on the list for only two films, but it boasts so much more importance beyond the obvious two which are:
    • The Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Goodbye, Mr. Chips 
  • 1976: Not only did this year give us some of the most iconic films through all genres, but it was a perfect midway mark into an era of change, inspiration, rebellion, and imaginative horror classics.
    • Rocky, Carrie, The Omen, Network, Taxi Driver, Logan’s Run, Marathon Man 
  • 1999: This may be the most underrated year on our list, especially with those snobs out there who hate on animation, why? I don’t know. This list of films is endless when you compare it some of the years later on the list so it’s up to you all if you consider the “best” year in film or not, but it’s damn good either way.
    • The Matrix, American Beauty, The Sixth Sense, Fight Club, The Green Mile, Being John Malkovich, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Sleepy Hollow, Magnolia, Tarzan, South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut, The Iron Giant, Toy Story 2, American Pie, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Boys Don’t Cry, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Hurricane, She’s All That, Dogma, Galaxy Quest and the list goes on folks. 
  • 1980: If there was a year that brought us pop-culture filled films, it was 1980. Giving arguably some of the best of now famed actors, directors, writers and so on, it also gave arguably one of the greatest follow ups to an already successful film along with a return to beautifully done black and white films proving they will be as classic as their cinematography and editing.
    • Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Airplane, Raging Bull, The Shining, The Blues Brothers, The Elephant Man, Ordinary People, Caddyshack, Flash Gordon, Superman II 
    • 1994: This year is an important for more than just films, but it was actually when this writer was conceived and brought into this world. With the arrival of myself and my peers also came some of the best films in any registry of films arguably of all time. Films that motivated us and reminded us nothing is impossible were the themes as well as a trinity of Jim Carrey films that make us laugh til our sides are sore were also present.
      • Forest Gump, Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, The Lion King, The Mask, Dumb and Dumber, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Speed, Ed Wood, Leon: The Professional, Interview with a Vampire, The Crow, Legends of the Fall, Angels in the Outfield 
    • 2012: This was a year blockbusters and superhero films went through the roof in the money they made and the quality they presented along the way, but it also unleashed other great adaptations from books and true events. It also bolstered one of the most original sci-fi films in the last few years while making most of us laugh with a vulgar teddy-bear.
      • The Avengers, The Dark Knight, Django Unchained, The Hunger Games, Skyfall, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Argo, Looper, Ted, Silver Linings Playbook, Zero Dark Thirty, Wreck-It Ralph, Moonrise Kingdom, 21 Jump Street, Prometheus, Les Miserables, John Carter, Brave, Chronicle, Hotel Transylvania, Magic Mike, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Sinister, Pitch Perfect, Life of Pi 


Movies about food are always fun and delicious in content, but with a cast this impressive we have to wonder what this film could be.

I think we all have an idea of how this film could go, but it doesn’t mean it won’t be good. Bradley Cooper is one of the best out there and his insanely talented cast lend to promising performances.

Burnt is a film that can hopefully surprise all of us, but after seeing Aloha (it was effing awful) I really hope this turns out to be a good film for Cooper. He is never bad in any film, but you’ll understand why I have such a sour taste from anything Bradley Cooper, once again, it’s not his fault.

The film comes out October 23rd, 2015.


This is still my most anticipated film of 2015, yes over Star Wars and everything else, here’s why:

With the award winning director of Birdman has given me one of my favorite trailers of the year with this new Western-revenge style film and I am doing more than giving gifts this Christmas.

The shots and cinematography done by Emmanuel Lubeski (Gravity and Birdman) looks better than most films I see as they are using natural light and the Lexa-65. This almost feeds off of the first trailer (HERE) which didn’t give us much of what the stories core elements were going to be and also what the character’s motivations were. Now, we have deep insight on the reasons why and how they are likely to have been played.

Tom Hardy as villains is just automatic. There isn’t a role he’s done that doesn’t somewhat give me chills and it’s that look in his eyes that makes you freeze in tension filled emotion. DiCaprio is still my guy to hopefully get his Oscar, but of course the Academy isn’t partial for too many character’s like this even though it falls into the semi-biographical space.

Either way, this is the film I most want to see this year as December is shaping to be the best month for movies with October coming off as a promising second.


Damien Lewis, a star in his own right through performances on television series like Homeland and Band of Brothers may be the guy to replace Craig once his stint with Bond is complete.

Sorry to everyone to bring the possible news of Idris Elba not becoming the next Bond like we all want, but let’s be rational the best we can and realize the logic and quality of this possible casting choice. Damien Lewis is a class act thespian in his own right. He is respected by most people that know him or are fans of his and he can truly act his butt off so why should we be mad at this point?

Though not nearly as drastic a change as most fans desire for the character, Damien Lewis rocks natural orange hair which doesn’t flow with the traditional Bond hair color, but the 44 year old actor has every other trait we possibly want from a good Bond. He is ruggedly handsome, he is classy but tough, and he knows the world of drama and action like a Bond actor would need. Sure, we know tons of other actors who fit that role well *cough cough Elba* but since we aren’t getting what we want yet again, we best buckle up for the ride anyways.

But in all seriousness, this is a quality pick if once confirmed. Damien Lewis is someone we should be rooting for not against. Either way, it is likely Craig is completely done with the role after Spectre releases in theaters in a few months, and we can only wonder what type of Bond he will be if he is indeed the man for the future studio who gains the rights of Ian Fleming’s super spy.

SOURCE: Daily Mail 


A child’s love for chases can be felt through this French export as we are swept through a gorgeously animated rooftop chase of a film that is not strictly for the children, but adults as well. Dino, a house cat living a double life at night as a cat burglar’s sidekick is the vocal point of this crime/adventure animated film. With Dino’s mute child owner Zoe being the center of his world and he of hers, we are treated to a mature rendition of childhood innocence through animation and a slightly Hitchcockian style of animated film making.

Zoe is mute due to the tragic death of her father while her mother, a her law enforcement agent, spends most of her time trying to catch the man who murdered her husband. The stories of Jeanne (Zoe’s mother) and Dino’s night partner Nico (the cat burglar) intertwine with a crime noir style that will take us adults by surprise. With twists and turns as often as the rooftop jumps and acrobatics, it is a high-flying thrill ride that will give a boost in your child like spirit with a still reminder that adulthood can be nostalgic and colorful.

I was taken back the adult themes of this film with it highlighting criminal activity through polarized lenses, but also not being afraid of showing the haunting effects of losing a loved one through murder. It’s stylized imagery from the acrobatics to the night vision we get a chance to see in the third act of the film is breathtaking and fun. It is colorful and expertly imagined for this animated vision of the City of Lights while producing a remarkably intricate story for the film only spanning one hour in time.

For children likely to watch this movie, be warned they may be taken back by somewhat frightening images of villains personified as a red octopus and the sounds of actual gunfire can be startling. Costa, the murderous villain tends to be somewhat humorous through mischief and mayhem, but the proportions of the characters bodies serve as a reminder of this being a fun and Hunchback of Notre Dame esc story with the cathedral making a cameo near the end showcasing that love will always be present through Paris.

If you want a change from the classic and wonderful Disney films for an hour you are going to appreciate this French film made with adults in mind. Though oxymoronic, A Cat in Paris is smooth animation through chaotic line movements, but is like a cat, light on it’s feet and subtle through it’s storytelling.



A hero is never defined by his physical abilities but his ability to protect the innocent and destroy the corrupt. We all wish we could have such a strong moral code strapped onto our utility belts, but we all fall victim to one cruel reality: we are only human, but Batman isn’t an alien or robot, he too is only human. Batman is the pinnacle of human excellence both mentally and physically as he goes through Gotham and parts of the world making sure justice prevails over the corrupt and the wicked.

A perfect personification of the manifestation of human rage and passion, Bruce Wayne is a figure unlike any other character or real person to give readers and viewers a sense or morale and hope, though Superman tends to disagree with the whole hope thing. He serves as a healthy reminder that bad things happen to everyone and it’s how we overcome the pain and suffering and transform into something positive for the good people around us whether it’s under a mask or not.

Batman is relatable for everyone that knows him. If you have experienced loss, love, lust, anger, and conflict, it is all somewhere beneath the cape and cowl of our Dark Knight.

What Batman is to me is an inspiration through an exaggerated figure. I’m scared of heights so I know I won’t be scaling buildings any time soon, but I do know that no matter what situation I am in, it is always worth lending a helping hand. One of the many great quotes from the Dark Knight trilogy of films is when Bruce says to Commissioner Gordon:

A hero can be anyone, even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a little boys shoulders to let him know that the world hadn’t ended.”

What Batman is, is a reminder that we all have that rage and anger over situations we can’t control, but that we are all human, and we all fall down, but we have to always remember to pick ourselves back up again.

If you are ever feeling down about something in your life I advise finding the nearest Barnes and Noble or comic-book shop and finding a Batman comic. Read that comic and be lost, even if for a moment, and remind yourself what the good is and why it’s okay to feel what ways you do. Batman should hold as a reminder of sacrifice for the bettering of others while you too become stronger in the process.

Have a great rest of your Batman Day and remember…I’m Batman!

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