The name rings like the bells in the Notre Dame Cathedral when you mention, Julius Caesar. Incarnations over the years have brought us the infamous dictator of Rome in his short span of time, but none have been so intriguing as a film that could take on the vibes of a film like 300 and the popular HBO series Game of Thrones.

Adapting the story of Caesar from Conn Iggulden’s novel Emperor: The Gates of Rome telling the story of Caesar and his equally infamous assassin Brutus sounds like cinema gold in a way we haven’t seen in quite awhile. We will get to see the film chronicle the rise and fall of a young Julius Caesar until his death later on and all the facets in between, but the concern should be that this film has been in production hell since 2010.

The goal of Lionsgate and White Horse Productions is to tell the stories that have yet to be seen on film of Julius Caesar with “the sweep of 300″ and “the intrigue of Game of Thrones”, which sounds all too promising.

I know I’m sold on this project, now we just have to see who they will recruit for the direction and casting and we may have a winner on our hands.


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