Variety is reporting a new film starring James Franco and Bryan Cranston titled Why Him? that will tell the story of a man fighting for the affections of his daughter as he travels with his family to visit her the same time her billionaire boyfriend is moving in on his little girl’s love.

As you can expect Franco is playing the boyfriend and Cranston the girl’s father. From what it sounds like, this will be a classic rival story of the Midwestern father slowly falling from his daughter’s life and to stop this from happening he has to battle through the smooth and smart boyfriend.

To me this sounds cliched at best, but it’s the casting that excites me. With Cranston finally making his film debuts noticed by fans like us with this new film and Trumbo we are seeing him emerge as the actor we’ve all wanted to see.

This could be the movie we’ve wanted from the Breaking Bad star to show off his humor like he did as the dad on Malcolm in the Middle and maybe another film we can see Franco become funny(ish) again.


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