There are group of actors who we can refer to as chameleons in Hollywood that have perfected the craft of acting by transforming into someone completely polar to themselves and Christian Bale remains as one of the best to earn that title. His talents are being sought after by Michael Mann, director of great films like The Last of the Mohicans, Heat, and the vastly underrated Collateral with Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise.

Now, Mann is set off to give us another biopic (he also directed Ali) only this time about the famed sports car icon Enzo Ferrari. Though has proven to be a great director at times, he is doing what Ridley Scott has been doing over the past few years and that has been churning out visually impressive films, but not much else. Films like Public Enemies, though not garbage was nothing short of disappointing.

Even so, we have to hold out hope for the talented director and his talented lead man in hopes they give us something worth watching again. There is no doubt there will be unique plot points on Ferrari’s life, what makes a great biopic is showing how human or even how superhuman the subject of the film was or is. Holding back important narratives for a character’s life does not do anything but give us a mutely colored film with us feeling hollow as holes in Swiss cheese.

From what I’ve read on Enzo Ferrari, he was definitely not superhuman or a perfect stand up guy. Having little to no say or hand on his later models, he was also a short tempered megalomaniac who ended up fathering illegitimate children over his lifetime. He sounds built for a biopic, but can we trust Michael Mann after his last few disappointments? *cough Blackhat*


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