DreamWorks has brought on The Help and Get On Up director Tate Taylor to bring to life the book adaptation of ‘The Girl on the Train’ written by British author Paula Hawkins. A story of a woman whose daily commute via train turns sour as everything she thought she knew about a couple she passes every morning goes south. Like the old who-dunnit’s of the 50’s and 60’s brings forth the talents of British actresses Emily Blunt and Rebecca Ferguson for the leads.

We all should know by now that Emily Blunt is a star whether she is doing drama or killing aliens in an exoskeleton like battle suit in Edge of Tomorrow, but it’s the other female star who was aside Tom Cruise (this year) that intrigues us. Rebecca Ferguson became a name that I will remember for years to come after delivering a stellar performance in Mission Impossible; Rogue Nation this year and like my REVIEW of Rogue Nation stated, Ferguson will be a star with roles rolling her way in no time and here they are.

This is an intriguing project and another step closer female led films in cinema and getting the talent of these lovely ladies only solidifies how seriously studios are wanting to give us great films and quality roles for the talented women out there.

I’ll let you know more about the film as info continues to come out.


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