Coming out of Sundance with rave reviews and awards galore, the first time director/writer Roger Eggers has produced a grey-tinted “New England Fairytale” that doesn’t seem to revolve around the pointy hat witches we see on Halloween, but something much, much more terrifying…

“It feels we’re watching something that should not be seen.” If that doesn’t put the horror in perspective for you then I don’t know what does. Great horror is not by what you see, but what you don’t see and the atmosphere that the film produces to send shivers down your spine.

No time period is scarier than the days of Pilgrims and witches and people settling on new land. The lack of people and unknown surroundings that were the time period this film is taken place in is what makes this a must see.

As the premise goes, there are witches whom do the witch-esc thing of performing curses, destroying crops and corrupting livestock, but what makes this even scarier is that these witches take newborns and babies away for their own nefarious deeds… Oh and goats, well they aren’t so cute in this trailer either.

Arguably one of the best trailers I’ve seen for a horror film possibly in my lifetime (I’m not a huge horror fan, sorry) because I will be first in line to see this creepy rendition of a witches tale. Hermoine was way more nice to look at, but I feel like I’ll be looking at her much differently after this film…


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