As one of the all-time trilogies in film history, Toy Story holds a special place in many of our collective hearts, and with such a emotional gravitas throughout the third film fans were unsure if a fourth film was the right idea. The men and women at Pixar felt the same way explaining they would only do a fourth film if the story was truly worth doing and if they can produce a unique story that fits what has already been done.

As chief-creative officer of Disney Animation Studios and Pixar, John Lasseter mentioned at Disney’s rendition of a private comic-con known as D23 recently that Toy Story 3 had another story worth telling when discussing the absence of Woody’s love interest Bo Peep and that the fourth film comes from a special place in Lasseter’s heart as the story is inspired by his real wife Nancy. Something that intimate as inspiration for a film like this should make all Pixar and Toy Story fans thrilled as Lasseter also goes on to explain that the film is “different” and “unique” while being very funny, but also very touching as it is a love story unlike anything fans have seen.

As if the Toy Story franchise couldn’t be anymore heartfelt, it seems it will only be getting more and more touching from here on out. Lasseter who directed the first two films is returning to the film by producing, writing, and directing all while drawing inspiration from someone he holds closest to him. It is that type of dedication and inspiration that makes me thrilled as a film fan, but a Pixar and Disney fan.

Once again, news from Pixar makes me thrilled to be a movie fan!

Source; Collider


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