With the news that Chris Pine has signed into the DCCU not as a Green Lantern, but as Wonder Woman’s love interest and liaison to our world, Steve Trevor. The shock over choosing the Steve Trevor role over Green Lantern comes with disappointment and an empty void we still have yet to fill in our emerald loving hearts, but for now, this is my list of actors who could play Hal Jordan Green Lantern:

Armie Hammer: Originally supposed to play Batman in 2008 for Mad Max director George Miller, Hammer was poised to be the caped crusader next to his The Man From U.N.C.L.E. co-star and current “Man of Steel” Henry Cavill. Hammer is up and down for people when it comes to his acting chops, but I am rooting for the guy and find him to be a very fine actor when isn’t stuck in crap-tastic films like Lone Ranger. 

Josh Duhamel: It’s hard to believe this guy is 42, but he is. He has been seen in the first Transformers film and rom-coms galore in his career, but he hasn’t made waves in Hollywood like his looks and talent would boast. He definitely has the cocky, but confident and subtlety to pull off the famed fighter pilot, and its these traits I can see him interacting with his superhero co-stars really well.

Matt Bomer: Matt Bomer has a look that could allow him to play loads of superheroes and somehow he has yet to be picked for a role in a comic-book film. Some would contest he could have been a great Superman if Henry Cavill was a bust (which he clearly isn’t), but maybe they can still be connected somehow in the DCCU, but as Green Lantern. A concern I’d have is that audiences might think he looks too much like Cavill and that confusion thing would happen, but let’s face it, people are easily confused.

Jake Gyllenhaal: The guy brings in every role he is in and transforms like the great actors do for their roles. He is not only a good look, but a great talent to add to the DCCU as Hal Jordan. Gyllenhaal has charisma for days and gives the Green Lantern films and role a legitimacy that Jeremy Irons gives to Alfred or Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. He can do it, but does he want to and does WB want him too as well?

John Krasinski: Everyone loves to tell me “Oh that’s Jim from The Office” yeah I get it, but this dude has far more to give us than he did in the office and what better way to get the Hollywood exposure than as the Emerald Knight? He obviously has comedic chops to pull the quip with the other DC characters, but he is dabbling into drama and action as shown in the 13 Hours trailer.

Who would you cast and what did you think of this list? Follow me here at The Gunn Range for more superhero fan castings and tell me your thoughts!


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