Bradley Cooper has been nominated for Best-Actor four years in a row and it seems like he wants to make the Academy notice him once again as a troubled chef in Paris.

I want to say I’m intrigued by this trailer, but I want to also be honest and say I thought this had an over-dramatic stinky cheese smell to it. Cooper looks as if he can win me over for the millionth time, but the plot seems blurry and conflicted as to whether it wants to have the suspense and conflict like Limitless or it strictly wants to be about food like Chef. 

Simply because this trailer is so vague, I am curious nonetheless, but I can’t say I am impressed by this trailer either. It was losing me when trailer came up as a sabotage film where the bad guys are going to try to ruin him, but also he has a drug problem. Why couldn’t this strictly be about the rise and fall of the chef (Cooper) and his ups and downs as he opens this restuarant in Paris?

I think this could be a solid film, but the trailer revealed very little and it makes me wonder what type of film I am going into once this comes out.

Let me know your thoughts and comments below and follow for more movie and trailer reviews!


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