I have a riddle for you all, what’s green and has purple on it before and after Batman kicks his ass? It’s the Riddler! Here we are again with another fan casting and conversation about one of the hinted at DC villains thanks to the Batman V Superman trailer and let me tell you, fan casting this role was a little bit harder than I expected.

BRIEF HISTORY: Edward Nigma aka The Riddler, a man whose soul obsession is to be smarter than everyone around him including Gotham’s Dark Knight. Always curious as a child, Nigma solved riddles and puzzles until adulthood when he realized that outsmarting regular people wasn’t anything he considered special so he then took on a life of crime, robbing banks and anything with high value.

If I was to cast The Riddler in a universe like Zack Snyder has created, I’m not just giving Riddler goofy green spandex and constantly telling fluffy slapstick jokes. I want him to be a force that makes the Detective aka Batman actually use his smarts rather than constant brute force in a film. What makes him unique as well is that you can incorporate him with other villains whether as the side villain or the main villain who turns out to be the puppeteer, the possibilities are endless.

Here is my list:

Ben Foster: Ben Foster is a guy I want in pretty much every film and there’s valid reason for that. If you read the tea leaves you would have seen a man like this in countless films, but who actually reads their hot drinks, right? He was great in the not so great third X-Men film The Last Stand as Angel and was one of the scene stealers in a film that included Christian Bale and Russell Crowe in the remake of 3:10 To Uma. It’s a guy with chameleon like abilities like this that could make the Riddler a serious character and not such a joke (no offense to Jim Carrey) in this new DC Cinematic Universe.

Walton Goggins: A name not many know, but a face you can’t help but know when you see it. Being in Quentin Tarantino’s last two films Django Unchained and The Hateful Eight somehow he brings you a quality of memorability and irritation in ways bad guys tend to do, especially when they aren’t main villains. He has a look that would work well for this type of world and he has enough acting chops to take on a role of this magnitude whether he is the main antagonist or not.

Edward Norton: Resorting back to a name we all actually know, Edward Norton has seen his fair share of great film roles in his day and they will keep on coming so long he lowers the ego and pride of his. The man is world class with acting chops for days and it’s all these skills and traits that could carry well into The Riddler. Riddler knows he’s smart and challenging to figure out, Edward Norton knows  he is smart and talented, why wouldn’t he be a fit? I didn’t think so.

Sam Rockwell: Another guy that has been in the world of superhero films as a villain as that guy in Iron Man 2, but he is also much more than that. Rockwell is an actor who needs a chance to be in a role that shows his capabilities as an actor. We were able to see how well he can perform just on his own in Duncan Jones film Moon and that alone proves he can handle the pressure of being on screen. With talents galore from humor to drama to even dancing, the guy can readily take on a cunning somewhat comedic villain like the Riddler.

James Badge Dale: Another name you may not know, but a career that boasts tons of performances. Though his roles have been small or less showy my guess is that he would be one of those actors to delve deeply into the role and explode onto the scene for us to never expect. Break out stars happen all the time, am I saying he will break out like Heath Ledger? Well no, but he can definitely give the sensibilities of humor, menace, and lunacy like a Joker type character or heck, he could be an evil genius, but who knows?

That’s my fan casting for The Riddler ladies and germs and I hope you liked the list, but in the mean time, let me know who you’d cast in this supervillain role and what kind of Riddler could we eventually see in this movie universe?

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on social media @ thegunnrange. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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