“When pride began.”

With a time in America where the fight for equal rights is prevalent in LGBT communities, there isn’t a moment in history that stands out as much as the violent riots against a police raid at the Stonewall Inn in New York in 1969 as it became the first true fight for LGBT rights in modern times.

Emmerich is known for directing films with explosions and high levels of action, but what we are seeing in this trailer is a departure from his usual which we have seen in his films like Independence Day, The Patriot, and even 1998’s Godzilla in this historical drama. As an openly gay director in a time where LGBT rights are at a forefront in our societies here in the U.S. it definitely makes sense timing wise to release a film such as this, but I found it to be slightly mellow dramatic in some points of the trailer.

It looks like it is shot beautifully, no question about that, and I’m sure this will have it’s moments of sorrow and happiness, but the tone comes off as a theater show (I immediately thought of RENT) which isn’t a bad thing (I LOVE RENT), but it takes away from the tough subject matter. I film that was done well IMO was Milk (2008) with Sean Penn also directed by Gud Van Sant where it doesn’t come off so over dramatic in the subject material, but takes it like any other film.

Maybe this is just me, but I do think this is a film with high potential that will open the eyes of the hardships the LGBT community has faced in our history. Sadly not many of us know all the details of this historical event and hopefully this can, not only entertain, but open our curiosity to have us learn more about the major events such as this in our history.


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