If you weren’t sure there was ever concern look to be alarmed check out this previous Gambit article.

Now we finally have confirmation thanks to the Hollywood Reporter and their insiders concerning the rising star and his future on the Cajun superhero. When the film’s budget was released prior to the rumors of Tatum having negotiation issues, the issues seemed all too coincidental.

Thankfully, it’s been confirmed that there is no concern over his paycheck and gross for the film and he can continue still going after the project he is also producing. Along with Fox’s track record of securing their dedicated lead actors in their respective roles such as Hugh Jackman and the recently discussed Ryan Reynolds returning as a properly done Deadpool, we should also expect to see the long term picture deal with Tatum as Remy “Gambit” Lebeau.

The future looks like it ushering in a new era for the X-Men franchise with the new faces of reinstalled characters that X-Men: Origins couldn’t seem to get right and with their popularity as characters and the popularity of the stars portraying them, expect to see a new and vigorous set of X-Men solo films along with the joint character projects.

Leave your comments below and tell me what you think of this confirmed news of Tatum officially signed on for Gambit!

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