It looks like we are not going to see Chris Pine as Hal Jordan like we had hoped. With the Star Trek leading man turning down the role of Green Lantern for another DC character, it makes us wonder if this was the right move on Pine’s part. Sure, I won’t be able to refer to him as Green Pines like I had hoped, but I think I see the silver lining for his casting of Wonder Woman’s beau Steve Trevor.

Who knows, maybe he just really wants a chance to kiss Gal Gadot, who wouldn’t?! Or maybe this is exactly what a film like Wonder Woman needs. This may come as an unpopular opinion to the feminists out there, but I have no intention of bringing women in any kind of way when I say this, but having a male love interest and opposite of the most powerful female character in fiction is the way to go.

Wonder Woman is a complicated character with a history that proves to be worth exploring. A woman with the power of the Gods who has never seen a man before meets a man who wants nothing more than to make her transition to Earth easier and more peaceful. As the comics have shown, Trevor becomes a liaison between her and the outside world along with the Justice League in later showings and can balance out the extreme nature of Wonder Woman’s first few showings in film as he has done in the comics as well.

Not only serving as an important plot device for the character of Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor played by Pine can also bring out the best in Gadot’s lack of acting skills for the better. She has not proven to be able to do much in her limited filmography and having a quality actor like Pine to feed off of can be an extremely good thing for her and the character in the future. Though saddened a guy like Green Pine won’t be Hal Jordan, there is always a silver lining in the sky somewhere.

Who should play Hal Jordan now that Chris Pine is cast as Steve Trevor? Let me know down below!


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