Well apparently the gamble on the Gambit film isn’t paying well in Fox’s hand as they had hoped. (Puns) With an exclusive from The Wrap it appears the negotiations for the film are falling apart and because of that it is likely for its star to possibly, key possibly, leave the project.

While nothing is confirmed to be happening just yet, it doesn’t bode well for the film as a whole especially after releasing the budget yesterday confirming the film is likely to be around $150 million to make.

The future of X-Men and it’s stories tying in with other Fox characters is unknown, but likely to happen. It can be possible that the direction Fox wants to go with Gambit is not in the direction it’s star wants to go in or maybe the producers aren’t thrilled, which would still entail Tatum being unhappy seeing he’s a producer on the film.

If there is more confirmed news about this possible fallout between the production of Gambit and it’s star, I’ll have to let you know.


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