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Do you ever hear voices in your head? Do you ever talk to your pets and imagine them responding to you? Well thank Ryan Reynolds for making you look a lot less weirder than you already are. In this highlight reel of Reynolds’ talents, we are treated to a dark comedy about a man named Jerry (Reynolds) whose mental state is more than in question as he lives his quirky and awkward existence in his home of Milton. As a man with a lot on his mind and a lot of voices in his head, The Voices is a film that may shock those who view and may make them question why they are laughing.

Falling under the radar in this year of film, I pleased to let you all know that this is one of the more entertaining films I’ve seen this year, though slow at times to capture the gory slasher style elements it partakes in, you will be enamoured at Reynolds’ performance. With most of us hardly able to contain our pulse pounding excitement for the revival of a fan favorite, Deadpool, you can temper your excitement until February as Reynolds give a chilling and often hilarious performance in ways dark comedies do best. It’s obviously funny whereas it doesn’t try to make you think to hard about whether or not its supposed to be funny or not. I mean, how do you make a dopey dog and an Irish orange cat not funny?

Jerry falls into a bit of an issue when he stops taking his pills and only the worst things happen for him when he stops taking them. Unintentionally becoming a psycho-killer, Jerry begins to spin out of control in his unstable state of mind often giving us some chilling imagery and reality checks on mental illness. Thankfully, the talking canine and feline help out to break the Psycho (1960) like tendencies this film has (for the better) and allows the viewers to be taken in through relatively good story telling along with sickly twisted humor.

Even through all the humor you can’t help but cringe at some of the visuals that are brought onto the screen. They all thankfully serve their purpose and aren’t relying solely on gratuitous violence and blood and screaming which tends to happen in poorly realized slasher or horror style films. It takes turns and twists that you can enjoy with the twisted plot and also obvious, but well done personifications of figures of the world e.i. God and The Devil.

I can’t say this is a great first date film by any stretch of the imagination, but it still boasts adorable chemistry between Reynolds “innocent” and troubled character along with Anna Kendrick’s also innocent and naive performance in the film. it makes you wonder why Reynolds can’t seem to catch a break in a great film like he is destined to do. Too often has Reynolds fallen in the Spartan pit of crappy movies and this one of his better films and performances that you should all check out. I consider this one of Reynolds’ best and most entertaining performances in years and is worth checking out.

If you come into this film with the understanding that this is a pure dark comedy with some gruesome humor you will definitely like this movie as an underrated indie comedy film (indie used lightly). I give The Voices B+. This is a sleeper hit for me and it delivers excellent performances from Ryan Reynolds and (my love) Anna Kendrick in a film that makes you laugh in the most unsettling ways imaginable and you’ll enjoy every minute of this mind melting film.

Remember people, take your pills, and if you don’t, don’t trust the cat…


I…I love this trailer.

How do you describe this trailer other than a pure WTF?! type video? This looks like a Christmas film worth seeing with your homies and I must say, starting off the first scene with them playing “Runaway” by Kanye West as a huge hip-hop fan makes me really giddy.

All three of these guys have proven comedy is a genre they can do well and having them all together is a mystery I want to solve. With Seth Rogen likely stealing the show with his standard Brat Pack antics (and shrooms) I may have found a comedy I might actually laugh at!

I am more than excited to see how this turns out come November 25th, 2015.


Well apparently the gamble on the Gambit film isn’t paying well in Fox’s hand as they had hoped. (Puns) With an exclusive from The Wrap it appears the negotiations for the film are falling apart and because of that it is likely for its star to possibly, key possibly, leave the project.

While nothing is confirmed to be happening just yet, it doesn’t bode well for the film as a whole especially after releasing the budget yesterday confirming the film is likely to be around $150 million to make.

The future of X-Men and it’s stories tying in with other Fox characters is unknown, but likely to happen. It can be possible that the direction Fox wants to go with Gambit is not in the direction it’s star wants to go in or maybe the producers aren’t thrilled, which would still entail Tatum being unhappy seeing he’s a producer on the film.

If there is more confirmed news about this possible fallout between the production of Gambit and it’s star, I’ll have to let you know.


It looks like we are not going to see Chris Pine as Hal Jordan like we had hoped. With the Star Trek leading man turning down the role of Green Lantern for another DC character, it makes us wonder if this was the right move on Pine’s part. Sure, I won’t be able to refer to him as Green Pines like I had hoped, but I think I see the silver lining for his casting of Wonder Woman’s beau Steve Trevor.

Who knows, maybe he just really wants a chance to kiss Gal Gadot, who wouldn’t?! Or maybe this is exactly what a film like Wonder Woman needs. This may come as an unpopular opinion to the feminists out there, but I have no intention of bringing women in any kind of way when I say this, but having a male love interest and opposite of the most powerful female character in fiction is the way to go.

Wonder Woman is a complicated character with a history that proves to be worth exploring. A woman with the power of the Gods who has never seen a man before meets a man who wants nothing more than to make her transition to Earth easier and more peaceful. As the comics have shown, Trevor becomes a liaison between her and the outside world along with the Justice League in later showings and can balance out the extreme nature of Wonder Woman’s first few showings in film as he has done in the comics as well.

Not only serving as an important plot device for the character of Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor played by Pine can also bring out the best in Gadot’s lack of acting skills for the better. She has not proven to be able to do much in her limited filmography and having a quality actor like Pine to feed off of can be an extremely good thing for her and the character in the future. Though saddened a guy like Green Pine won’t be Hal Jordan, there is always a silver lining in the sky somewhere.

Who should play Hal Jordan now that Chris Pine is cast as Steve Trevor? Let me know down below!


Lately, I seem to be the only one who wasn’t the biggest fan of Southpaw (2015) starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Though I think Gyllenhaal is easily one of the top actors working today, his performance (as great as it was) was not enough to save his film form the ping pong like pacing of the film.

My review of ‘Southpaw’ (2015) – Movie Review

For those that don’t understand when I say “the pacing of a movie”, in lame mans terms, I merely mean how fluid the story is for its run-time. Action films for example usually have strong, high energy pacing to bring the action along and give us that excitement we love so much, while dramas may have more mellow paces to invoke that sense of emotion and attachment. It’s when any film begins to lose it’s pacing and focus that it becomes tough to watch.

Movies I believe to have poor pacing usually jump from scene to scene without closure or proper reasoning. A film like The Departed (2006) though a two and a half hour long run-time doesn’t feel long, why? The pacing. You don’t want your movies to feel too rushed and you don’t want them to drag on to a point you start growing facial and leg hair (ladies). Going from scene to scene doesn’t allow me a chance to get emotional involved with the characters and takes away a sense of believability which is what happened to Southpaw for me personally.

Poor pacing tends to occur when there isn’t a fully developed script for a director to work with and that tends to happen quite a bit more than you think. What you want from a good film, no matter the genre, is good story telling and while you can still like a film that gives you what you want, I feel you are missing out what the story is or can become.

When I finish watching movies and I tend to go back to what I saw that I found to be a negative, I resort to the phrase that “If I see it, it’s usually bad”. Of course, that can be taken multiple ways so let’s think of something easier to comprehend…

It’s like being in a room with a couple people and smelling a fart. If you smell it, it’s bad, and poor pacing in films for me is like a smelly, lingering cloud of butt gas that I can’t get passed. You get it?

What are your opinions on pacing? What are films you find to be gripping and always entertaining because chances are the pacing is on point, think about it.


Okay so maybe it’s not overly original, but it’s better than some lame sequel or another superhero movie you guys are apparently tired of. Disney is set to produce a musical comedy starring Tom Cruise whose character suffers a head injury that allows him to hear the musical soundtracks (if you will) of everyone around him ultimately giving inspiration to the title ‘Bob The Musical’.

You are lying if this doesn’t sound fun and interesting. Best-Picture winning director of The Artist (2011) Michel Hazanavicius is set to direct the film while songwriter Bret McKenzie is set to, you guessed it, write the songs. McKenzie is famous for writing Oscar-winning music for The Muppets (2011) film.

Michael Chabon is apparently in talks to helm the script. His credits include John Carter (2012) and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 (2004).

I am personally excited to see a mixture of What Women Want (2001) and Pixar’s latest masterpiece Inside Out (2015). It is also a chance to see Tom Cruise do something other than action, not that he has done poorly in any action role he’s been in of course.

I’m excited! What are your thoughts on this new premise??


In the latest stew of crap that have been Adam Sandler flicks, I decided to wash off the pixelated doo-doo that was Pixels (2015) and treat myself to something of his to remind me of what this guy can do, act. The film I chose was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie Nights, There Will Be Blood) titled Punch, Drunk, Love (2002) and viewed Sandler in a light that showed the disappointment I have in him. This was a man, by no fluke, that brought us some of the most memorable roles in film history, whether it was a goofy waterboy, an angry golfer, or a man who learns to love more than himself, and I want that Sandler back.

Over the years you discover some of the most impressive roles come from actors and actresses you don’t expect and 90% of the time they are reflected through the comedic actors that switch gears and I’ll be damned before I say it isn’t for the better. Actors like Steve Carrell, Robin Williams, Jim Carey, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, and so one have gone on to produce roles that allow you to take them seriously even through the laughter (or lack there of) and Sandler needs to make a change in this direction.

We have seen him pull at are heart strings in ways we didn’t expect even through his “funny” movies like Big Daddy (1999) or Click (2006) has admittedly made men and women tear up so why can’t we get some more of that? They don’t have to be Oscar-bait style dramas only by any stretch of the imagination, but at least something we can somewhat believe or take seriously enough to tolerate. With a slue of seven or so movies that have both tanked critically and financially, Sandler needs to change his game plan. Times of Happy Madison Productions is crumbling if it hasn’t already and that is because studios know that Sandler can accomplish great things, but he hasn’t.

For every Click there is a Grown Ups (2010) and for every Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) there is a late sequel to Dumb and Dumber (1994). It is, like life, finding the balance between what makes you great. To Sandler and all the other “funny” guys, break from your shell or change up your craft because it is all about the survival of the fittest and those who can adapt in their world. Think about it.

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