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Imagine the more grim, darkly twisted, and adult level story-lines that isn’t Batman… that’s DC’s Vertigo. With the line-up of films coming from DC properties over at Warner Bros. it comes to no surprise they plan on bringing alive their more adult level characters to the big screen. What folks don’t know is that films/comics like Watchmen or V for Vendetta are actually a part of Vertigo and are clearly meant to be viewed by adults, and Warner Bros. reads it loud and clear.

New Line Cinema, a branching studio of Warner Bros. has been pegged as the home for all their Vertigo based properties. With characters like; ConstantineSwamp Thing, Doctor Fate etc., you can explore the catalogs of stories that stray away from the child friendly in subject matter and tone. The first movie to likely come out of New Line is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Sandman (no not the one from Spider-Man) created by Neil Gaiman and is set to direct and likely star in the production as the titular character.

Once logic prevailed, the news of Justice League Dark likely staying in the realm of DC/Warner Bros. realms became less and less confusing. With Warner Bros. and DC’s future of superhero films soon to become their cash cows, having another property with the name Justice League in the title works to their advantage as far as marketing for the lesser known Justice League Dark and with director Guillermo Del Toro now officially off the Justice League Dark film, they will want all the help in selling this film to public.

What baffles me is that Shazam is still over at New Line, but isn’t a part of Vertigo, but rather DC’s main superheroes…

With San Diego Comic-Con quickly approaching, it should come to no surprise if DC takes full advantage of Marvel not partaking in the festivities this year by releasing news on more films they have planned and maybe even some early castings of the films they are getting into production.


Tyrese is a cool enough guy to like, but in the past year his campaigning to be Jon Stewart Green Lantern almost became comedic and ridiculous rather than cool and intriguing, but from photos he last post on his Instagram, he seems oh so confident.

If you take a look at the latest photos I referenced earlier you can see fan made art of both Chris Pine and Tyrese glowing the famous emerald green from their eyes as Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart, but are they the guys we want?

Is it safe so assume that most of us would be okay with the casting of Chris Pine in the role of Hal Jordan? Okay good, but it’s the unknown of John Stewart that makes us question Tyrese as the likely candidate for the job. John Stewart is a no nonsense marine who stays the constant realist in the human Green Lanterns and the Justice League behind Batman. Tyrese…well he isn’t exceptionally serious when you see him and that’s not his fault. The guy oozes confidence and loud mouth humor because that’s simply what he is, but it would be wrong to taint the great and serious character that is John Stewart with comic relief.

But assuming the dotted line is signed with Tyrese and Warner Bros. here is a grey lining (not exactly a silver lining yet) and that is one of Tyrese’s earlier films Annapolis. Yes, I understand not too many of you have seen or heard of the film, but it was the one time we got the opportunity to see Tyrese stop with the constant jokes and do some full on serious work as a U.S. Naval Officer who picks on James Franco for 100 minutes. No the movie wasn’t great, but worth watching just to see Tyrese be a little more serious.

That’s the best I can do in the defending department…

For some reason, studios have an issue getting Idris Elba to be in anything good and fans like myself have been clamoring on for years about he could be the perfect John Stewart and looks exactly like him, but NO, Marvel signs him on to play who? Heimdall. It is such an insult to his talents and if DC/WB knew better, they’d just say “f**k it” and throw bags of money at Elba’s feet for the role. Imagine…Chris Pine’s sarcastic, but heroic Hal Jordan alongside a gritty but likable Marine minded John Stewart played by Idris Elba. Forget playing Bond, this was the role he was meant to do from the start.

Do you guys really believe the casting rumors to be true? Would you like Chris Pine and Tyrese as a match in the next Green Lantern movie? Who would you nerds cast for the roles if not these guys? Let me know in the comments!


If you ask me, Tom Hardy hasn’t done much wrong in his film career and he has tackled nearly every genre with flare. With the writer of L.A. Confidential, Mystic River, and 42, Brian Helgeland returns to write and direct the true story of the Kray twins and their attempts to rule London. Hardy shows what makes him such a polarizing figure in Hollywood as he portrays both of the gangster brothers in a vengeful, violent, and darkly funny way Hardy seems to be great at.

Below is the teaser trailer and below it is the official trailer:

Maybe I am bias for my love of most gangster films, but this literally looks glorious. The visual style for this film looks top notch and shiny and glamorous, but in way only gangster films can personify. Hardy, to no ones surprise, backs a punch and leaves his mark on the world of movies once again.

Helgeland is clearly a great writer, but his last film 42 was not all that when it comes to its direction. The pacing was too inconsistent and created less dramatic tension. Hopefully with this film, we can get a film that’s as entertaining as these two trailers because it would be a shame to let a story and talents like this be lost to poor direction.


Diversity in Hollywood has, and always will be, a hot topic to discuss and when Marvel stated they’d prefer a female director for Captain Marvel or a black director for Black Panther, I produced mixed feelings. Great directors create great stories for us to view, no matter their ethnicity or gender or whatever, and even though Duvernay has proven to be a great director with Selma, it feels like a reach to snag her for this specific character.

This is strictly my opinion, but if they were trying to get her talents for more than just the black character and the one standalone female character, it’d be less of a sore spot for me personally because then they would have proved that she is not just the minority for the minority characters, but alas, that is how I’ve taken this. For more read here.

Do I want her to direct Black Panther? 

Duh! She proved to be what studios want from their directors, story tellers who can get the best from their cast, and that formula should stay constant through any project the director may sign on to do. With an avenue such as hers, doing a historical drama about Martin Luthor King Jr. and his march into Selma, why wouldn’t we want her perspective on the first true black superhero? In this case, it is a discussion on which point of view we want to see the stories unfold and with a black woman in the director’s chair for an important black figure in comic book history, we can possibly get a perspective to better the character and his story.

I’d like to see what she does with this project if she signs on, but I would also be content if she went on to do something else. As long as she gets the chance to not be shoehorned into strictly black characters (unless she chooses that route) and simply has the opportunities to showcase her talents as a film maker, I am fine with whomever they get to direct the film. No talent like hers or a character such as this should be subject to limited chances of unlimited opportunities to become the best versions of themselves.



What may be one of the most shocking experiments in history took place at Stanford University which is appropriately dubbed the “Stanford Prison Experiment” which tasked students to portray either a guard or a prisoner and the only rules were not to cause physical harm to anyone in the prison for two weeks, they only lasted six days.

The has some well make-upped stars from Ezra Miller, Tye Sheridan, Billy Crudup, Olivia Thirlby, and Michael Angarano. This isn’t a horror film, but sets the mood like it is one, and what’s worse is that this all really happened.

With rave reviews from Sundance, this is a film that brings to life the psychology at play during this real life event depicting power and restraint when given to people and proved to be one of the most important experiments for psychologists to learn from. With such a haunting and disturbing nature behind the feel of the film, it turns out this will likely be a film worth watching.

If you’ve had Psych 101 you will know what this film is about and how it ends, but to have an even more dramatic depiction of the film is all the more chilling.


Danny Boyle is an up and down director, but there is no doubt he has endless skill behind the camera and its clear through films like the original Trainspotting, Sunshine, and Slumdog Millionaire. Having a cult following since the 90’s when the film was released, there wasn’t a huge clamoring for a second film, so it comes a surprise that almost 20 years later we may be getting its sequel.

The star that emerged from this hidden classic is none other than Ewan McGregor and apparently he is the one who brought up to a magazine the idea that it may even start shooting as soon as 2016, the 20 year anniversary of the first film.

With highs and lows of his career, McGregor had a falling out with director Danny Boyle after he was not chosen to be the lead in the extremely British film that was The Beach (2000) which was supposed to have McGregor in his fourth Boyle film as the lead, but was passed up for the more bankable star at the time, Leonardo Dicaprio. McGregor was publicly enraged at the situation and stated that it was not handled well at the time, but with The Beach being a complete and under stinker critically and financially, it didn’t matter much.

As the bad blood is now gone between the two, McGregor stated that he’d be happy to come back for the sequel with Danny Boyle at the helm. The sequel in the book is called Porno and would presumably be the name of the next film

Does this mean we can get a sequel to the drug filled crime/thriller flick? Do we want it exactly 20 years after the first? Let me know down below folks!


To those who know me personally, they understand what a fan of Ben Affleck I am and I’m talking Chasing Amy and Good Will Hunting type fan. He has since embraced the role of director and has made leaps and bounds in that area to a point where his film Argo went on to win Best-Picture at the Oscars. With his Oscar on his mantle it is clear that he is the best fit to direct himself in his solo Batman films.

Even though his directing list is short it is difficult to combat the quality films he has since created. Gone Baby Gone, The Town, and Argo all have what you want from a great film and Affleck was the man behind the camera and also in front of it. Action and deep story telling shouldn’t be an issue for him after doing such films and he has also learned some tricks to the trade from one of the best working today in David Fincher. With the dark tones Fincher brings to all his films and Affleck being the star of his last film Gone Girl you have to assume Ben Affleck has taken some inspiration or tips from Fincher, a man Affleck chose to work with over working on his own projects he had lined up.

With it supposedly coming out in 2018, we have a standard wait until it comes out, but until then we will likely see tons of Batman in between. From the men at Latino Review, we also have possible news as to who would be helming the script and that is none other than Batman v Superman and Argo writer Chris Terrio who, may I remind you, won an Oscar for his script of Argo (be excited).

With what I’ve told you guys so far, this is becoming the 83′ Bulls as far as talent and potential goes and hopefully the films are winners like the Bulls were as well.

As far as the story goes, I think we all understand and know the origins of Batman so don’t think we are getting another Batman Begins from this film. Our Batman is already set up as a crime fighting hard-ass with little remorse for the wicked. With grey hairs and an even grumpier demeanor, Batfleck will written to have already seen the layers of filth Gotham and our world has to offer. One can only guess who the villains could be for a 2018 Batman film and what direction they choose to go to.

Your guesses are as good as mine! But let me know in the comments anyways.

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