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The hype for this film is already heard through the masses of film goers and occassional spectators as a film that is going to blow our minds. Months back we caught a glimpse of the already impressive looking Mad Max: Fury Road starring Tom Hardy as the lead character along with Charlize Theron, but I don’t think people were expecting the beautiful madness that is this trailer….

Post-apocalyptic films are always great as far as tonal point of view, but they are usually bleak and somber with grey painting everything, but not Mad Max. This trailer is a preamble to what we are about to get this year and it looks mind bendingly bad-ass.

Tom Hardy has not given a poor performance in his lifetime, which in of itself is impressive, and taking on this role with such insane asylum style madness going on around him, well, we’re in for a treat. This isn’t an overly complex idea, but I am now convinced this going to be like…dare I say it….like watching a car accident…. Morbid I know, but this has diesel fuel seeping through my veins and me wanting to shave my head!

Bring it on!!

The film comes out May 15th, 2015 in a theater near you so stay tuned!


Disney is all in with the live-action remakes and with the casting of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ shaping up as something extremely special, we are now getting our beloved Mulan with a live-action take!

Even with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson parodying what Disney has been doing with their live-action renditions, Mulan is truly a story ripe for a live-action tale. Maybe this is pushing my imagination to weird directions, but I almost imagine this being in the style of a quality martial arts film. Maybe it’s because martial arts films always have great leading ladies and dragons somewhere in between, but hey, a guy can dream can’t he….

Well it turns out that this was actually an idea for quite some time even before the bolt of “re-imagined” films from Disney had began to swarm television and all over the internet. Going back to my fantasy of it being a martial style film, Disney originally wanted Zhang Ziyi for the starring role and you all may know her from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or House of Flying Daggers and if you are familiar with her work, you could have seen the fit. Now it appears that casting is all, but dead in the water.

People talk about films like the The Little Mermaid or Frozen having some of the best princesses in Disney history, but the one who gets swept under the rug is Fa Mulan. As the meme goes, she was one of the multiple women empowering characters Disney has produced, but never seems to be shown the love she deserves. This a project that would serve insanely well as a live-action film and if they were to add Mushu and the Cricket in their somehow, it could turn out to be a humorous sight to see.


It’s James Bond, just watch it.

Was there anyone doubting this project once we heard Craig was back on the two-time Oscar winner Christoph Waltz was signed on as a villain?? Yeah I didn’t think so.

I’m starting to think teaser trailers are becoming the more logical option for studios who want to promote their films because instead of spoiling a bunch of scenes (Southpaw is a recent name) they need to do what Star Wars has done or The Avengers or what have you.

This gave us the perfect amount of meat to the story to get every Bond fan excited and then some and without spoiling ANYTHING for us in the process. It allowed a shrouded mystery for our imaginings of the plot and quite literally gave us a shroud of mystery for the characters in it. This looks great and we don’t know how it could top Skyfall or Casino Royale, but don’t be surprised if it does.

Spectre hits theaters November 6th, 2015.


This was a project I had to keep my eyes on for multiple reasons, two of the biggest reasons being this was shot in my hometown city of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and the fact that Jake Gyllenhaal is starring in the role. The story is about a world champion boxer (Gyllenhaal) who starts off strong and spirals down into a custody battle along with another fight in the ring as he must win two of his greatest loves in the fight of his life.

Antoine Fuqua, also a Pittsburgh native is one of those directors who makes movies that you can’t help but enjoy. This looks like it will be no different as it falls slightly into his wheelhouse of redemption stories with underdogs coming out on top and as much as I still want to see this film, this trailer showed entirely too much.

If you saw the trailer above, this won’t be a spoiler anymore than it already is, but…..get ready….his wife dies. That’s the problem with these stupid movie trailers anymore. Instead of simply giving a glimpse of the tone or previews of what we might see, we get full fledged plot points that are most likely heavy components to the main story. Now, this shouldn’t deter anyone from seeing the film because it seems like it will be a fun yet deep drama with Gyllenhaal looking more ripped than ever so we will have to see.

As a whole this trailer showed a lot more than it needed to and could have served well as a minute and a half trailer rather than their whole allowed time of two and a half minutes I mean come on people!


This might be one of my favorite topics in all things movies simply because we all are thinking the same thing, “Where is Leo’s damn Oscar?!”. There is, however, an issue I have when people blindly shout this at the bar or while I’m in the library and that is because they’ve never looked at who he’s lost too in the past.

The Oscar is the most arduous award out there maybe behind the Nobel Prize or something and is usually given to the right person that year, no matter what we think. This is a hard horse pill to swallow, because people forget he’s only been nominated for acting Oscars four times and his list of great performances spans like Rapunzel’s hair.

The list of men that beat him out were people like; Tommy Lee Jones for The Fugitive the year he played Gilbert Grape. The next was for The Aviator which he later lost to Jamie Foxx for his stellar performance as Ray Charles. The third loss came by the hands of Forest Whitaker in one of the scariest performances since Hannibal Lector when in The Last King of Scotland and the final loss was by a man he shared a film with and that was Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club. 

With that in mind, he has done films like The Departed, Inception, Gangs of New York, Catch Me if You Can, Django Unchained, Titanic, and so on which I consider to be some of his best roles in his career along with some of the best movies made in general. So what roles did he truly have the best chance at winning for? Let’s start with:

  • What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?: This is where all the buzz started as he played a young boy with a developmental disability. People thought he was actually mentally handicapped (sorry for lack of PC) after this role. I saw the Fugitive and Tommy Lee Jones was very good and the way the politics go for the Oscars, your name does matter to some degree and Lee Jones has been old his whole life so his name held more weight and his role held more weight, can’t control that.

The next one I would have said would have been for his role in Django Unchained (for supporting actor) as Calvin Candie, but he was going against his own film co-star in Christoph Waltz who ended up winning that year and rightfully so. That’s pretty bad luck if you ask me. If he was not in such a well acted film and was maybe thrown into another less impressive film with his performance, he would have had a much better chance, but no one was beating Waltz. The same goes with his loss to Jamie Foxx years prior. Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles came out of nowhere and is was much closer that year than others prior, but we remembered Ray and nearly as much his performance as Howard Hughes.

Don’t look so sad Leo, you still have all those lovely women around you and that rectangular green stuff in your bank account!

His role as Jack in Titanic is the popular one people throw out there, but as polarizing and appealing as he was in Titanic, was he better than Jack Nicholson in As Good As It Gets or even Matt Damon as Will Hunting? I don’t think so.

But let’s face it, he was good enough to win loads of times and that’s what really matters here, he is consistently great which most actors are not. He has been nominated four times which is more than many actors get to say and he keeps on producing incredible, unforgettable roles. He will get his Oscar one day, it just depends on how the stars are aligned and he has to make sure Daniel Day-Lewis isn’t up for an Oscar that year because let’s face it, everyone would lose to Daniel Day-Lewis…..

Day Lewis won an Oscar that year, the end.


You know those movies people rave about and you see it and are either content with what you saw or are just not impressed at all? Well, that’s what this list is going to be and it may or may not have some gasp worthy reveals once you start reading through the list.

I am a huge fan of animated movies in particular and love pretty much all the ones you can think of, but there are some that are revealed over time to not be what I remember or hype taints the effects of what the movie would have been for me at the time.

So without further adieu, here is my list:

  • Frozen: Now I liked this movie the first time I saw and really loved its message, but like the secret hipster I apparently am, I was just sick and tired of people hailing it the best Disney film (sometimes people even said best animated film) and threw up my hands in lunacy. It’s not that I don’t like this film, but it doesn’t resonate with me like it does with the millions of little girls that it truly caters too. And let’s be real, Mulan was more a feminist figure head long before Elsa and whatever her sisters name was.
  • 101 Dalmations: Of all the animated movies I watch(ed) in my youth this was not one of them. I never felt that connection with this as I did with hundreds of other animated features. The story is definitely timeless, but I could live happily without ever seeing it again.
  • Up: I think this pick is going to have you all clamoring that I have no soul, but beyond that beautifully tragic introduction, I was not as enamored with the rest of the story like I wanted to be. To start so strong and end up where it did left me slightly disappointed. The movie’s quality is still top notch, but it pains me to say it may not even be in my top list of PIXAR films.
  • Alice in Wonderland: This is another film that many people my age say is one of their most beloved stories of all time, not just movies and that is totally respectable on all accounts, but while they were enjoying the themes of Alice in Wonderland I must have been watching the Hunchback of Notre Dame or something because there aren’t too many times I can recall watching Alice in Wonderland with a happy face.
  • Anything Winnie the Pooh: I admit I used to watch Winnie the Pooh: In Search For Christopher Robin and that was one I enjoyed for a long time, but the cult following of the franchise does not have me as a follower like most men and women. They’re definitely cute and all, but it was more a show or movie that put me to sleep in the middle of the day.
  • Dumbo: Most of those original Disney films that have classic above the title are ones I should automatically be obsessed with, but Dumbo was weird and disheartening and not in the way that I can admit I like. There are tons of dark tales told through animation whether it be Bambi or The Black Cauldrin or the Secret of NIMH, but I can go back and enjoy myself (for some odd reason) and be content, not so much with Dumbo.
  • The Little Mermaid: The deeper I went I realized and quickly understood why there are more princess stories on here and it’s because I’m not as much the audience for them, not because they suck or anything, but it doesn’t resonate with me. The music is solid, but its not often you’ll hear me singing its songs other than “POOR UNFORTUNATE SOULS!”
  • Wallace and Gromit: Chicken Run was better.
  • The Brave Little Toaster: It’s one of those stories that at the time didn’t have songs I would constantly sing it didn’t stay in my head like other great animated films had at the time, but its a cute film nonetheless. Creepy, but cute.

What are some animated movies that your friends and family enjoyed, but they just didn’t quite hit their marks with you? Please let me know and share if you love or even hate my list, as long as you share it!


Can you believe there was a time when superhero movies were the laughing stock of Hollywood? Yeah me neither, but taking it’s place as the humorous genre has been that of the video game genre. Before I continue, I want you all to know that there have been some video game films people liked, but at the end of the day, none of them stand out for their quality.

With the large variety of video games out there that hold weight as some of the most polarizing forms of entertainment, they usually come with great stories and characters, some of which can be translated into great films if in the right hands. We’ve seen in the past that they have tried and failed miserably whether it was Jake Gyllenhaal as The Prince of Persia or whatever you want to call that God-awful Super Mario movie.

I am picking games that many of us are familiar with. I’m sure some of you guys will think of games I’ve never heard of that would be incredible movie adaptations so let me know in the comments if you think of some that aren’t on your list.

Another disclaimer would be that I am not what you would call a “gamer”, but I’m not stupid either. I know the good ones and the bad ones and the ones that have movie potential and I think gamers do too. So without any more talking here is my list of video games that need to become ‘great’ movies or else!

  1. Halo: The legends and myths behind this once great movie idea are legendary and for good reason. There was a time when names like Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, and District 9 director Neil Blomkamp were the names tagged for directing the much-loved Microsoft property, but fell into the cracks with issues like budget and scheduling and Microsoft not wanting to give up the property to a studio.

    What Halo would bring is pure sci-fi action with a story deep enough to sink your mind into. Not only would it be one of the most visually striking science-fiction/alien films, but it would boast plenty of substance along the way and could do well without having to pay a bunch of huge stars. We can only hope one day this becomes a reality like some of these superhero films which us comic-book readers were shocked we’d ever see.

  2. Zelda: Who doesn’t know who or what Zelda is? My idea for this film is simple, just think of Lord of the Rings meets The Neverending Story…yeah it’s weird, but tell me that’s not awesome! What makes Zelda so great is its rich mythology and characters. Fantasy films bar has been set by Oscar-winning films like LOTR (Lord of the Rings), but if you consider how deep and beautifully dark this film could be, whether it’s that of the villain Ganondorf or the freaky-deeky moon with the face!

    The only issue with this idea is that Link, the games main character doesn’t say anything. Whether it would be a good idea to make him speak or not is up for debate, but one counter argument to support a silent character would to do the Wall-E approach. Whether that works for live-action nowadays is tough idea to wrap around, but it can be done. Otherwise, yeah sign me up, not to mention it could span for as long as you’d want. You hear that studios? Cha-ching!

  3. God of War: Last time I heard, they were already going through talks to create a film adaptation for this which doesn’t mean much to me, personally. Film studios are always at least discussing films like this, but this is one of those adaptations that would really have to be great simply because it is so violent and visceral, that it would have to be in the hands of someone who can carefully splice violence, mythology, and character arcs all while giving us something that is pleasantly over the top. If I would want a comparison, I’d want it to be something relatively close to how 300 or Immortals was shot, but with a grander scale.

  4. Bioshock: Horror is one of those realms in film that if done right, it can leave an imprint on all of us just from what we heard about it. Bioshock is one the greatest video game concepts I’ve personally ever seen and as a video game was done with such quality that it felt like I was in a movie theater anyway. Now, it’s based the 1960’s with an underwater world aptly named Rapture and has the protagonist journey through a former utopia as a plasmatic being grants people supernatural powers.

    With that in mind, imagine the levels of suspense the audience would feel once they saw all the enemies the protagonist would face? Chilling stuff if you ask me.

  5. Metroid/Samus: I’m shocked people do not mention this game more. This would be a great film not only because it boasts ideas for incredible sci-fi, but hell, it would bring a much-needed bad ass female lead to the screen. Metroid is one those games that never fully got the credit it deserved in my honest opinion simply because the evolution of video games, but there is one game in particular that would serve as the platform for which this movie could be made and that is Metroid Prime. It’d be Emily Blunt in Live.Die.Repeat. type good if this became a movie. If that’s not a good example, just know that Metroid pays tons of homage to the Alien movie franchise.

  6. Red Dead Redemption: This seems too easy. A western style video game with dark humor? Yeah, do I have to say more? I wouldn’t be surprised if there was already a western that reflects this concept already.

  7. Another Prince of Persia (Sands of Time): Of course the one video game I played all the way through and thoroughly enjoyed in my lifetime became a film and I was excited, but I was also excited for The Last Airbender film adaptation… I don’t think they will try a crack it this property anytime soon, but we’re also in a world where Hollywood is making a Gem and the Holograms movie along with rebooting a The Raid which isn’t even five years old yet so the realm of possibility is all but nonexistent.

    Crazy idea, maybe we can make this film without the fluffiness of Disney and cast some properly ethnic actors and actresses for the roles to bring some more authenticity?! I don’t know maybe that’s just me.

  8. Mass Effect: Alien invasions are some of the coolest things to see on-screen and break open our imaginations to mind-bending action and a chance to see some of the best CGI in films. It would be epic in all ways and equally as entertaining if given a proper run-time. Mass Effect 2 and 3 in particular boast great ideas and concepts that could translate well onto the big screen with humorous tone to some of the action sequences. If you don’t believe me take a look:

  9. Assassin’s Creed: It appears that this film has fallen under the curse of making a video game adaptation. Last time I checked Michael Fassbender was supposed to be producing and starring in the film, but nothing has been heard since. This is one of the most popular games to show up on lists like this because it falls under a realistic umbrella (to some degree) and has the potential of a great period piece with great action and stunt work.

  10. Castlevania: I’m not sure there’s a way to make vampires sound cool anymore and it’s a real shame too, but if anything, look at this game trailer and tell me you aren’t intrigued. Of course it doesn’t help Dracula Untold looks like it could have been a huge rip off  of this, but nonetheless take a look:

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