There are thousands of creative and original characters in the world of comic book and graphic novels that would allow for cinematic pleasure, but sadly, because movie making is about money, it becomes difficult to find the reasoning behind ever wanting to create a world centered around unknowns. That is, unless you’re as successful as Marvel then it doesn’t exactly matter.

Remember, I said comic book characters so that does not limit to just superheroes, although most of them will likely be superhero related….

  1. Spawn: Todd McFarlane has been saying how this Spawn movie is going to come to us soon…that was two years ago and two years before that. It’s exhausting knowing there is a brilliant and completely original character like Spawn out there who has not been given the treatment of a reboot like EVERYTHING ELSE. That’s not the studios fault though, McFarlane is suffering from George Lucas syndrome and wants total control rather than just giving it up to better hands as far as film making goes. Give me SPAWN! 
  2. Swamp Thing: When Alan Moore got his hands on Vertigo’s “Swamp Thing” title, one of the most incredibly written characters was born. Swamp Thing would bring a supernatural element to the world of “comic book/graphic novel characters” that would be a game changer for the film genre. Another heavy story arc with the chance to be visually captivating and also heart wrenching, Swamp Thing deserves the treatment of a guy like Guillermo Del Toro if he ever decides to not make Justice League Dark. 
  3. Y: The Last Man: They said they wanted to make a show based on this graphic novel, but I hate TV so that wouldn’t make me the happiest camper on the cite. I would love to see the story of the last man and his monkey –no an actual monkey you perverts– travel across the world with a quirky mystery sci-fi element to it. It’s definitely built for cinema whether it be because of the scale or the idea alone. It’s a brilliant piece of writing that would serve well on the big screen. 
  4. The Question: This one always baffled me because The Question is nothing more than a man with mask that makes his face appear to have been wiped off. He’s a reporter turned conspiracy theorist who, you guessed it, questions everything. It would make for a cool detective film along with a weird science fiction spice to it. It’s also a cool thought that he lives in the world of the Justice League and is a part of the Justice League in some reincarnations. How could you not see someone like a Spike Jonze tackling the tough and convoluted writing a film like that?? 
  5. Dr. Fate: One of the more underrated characters in the DC Universe, Dr. Fate would be something else if done well. A man who gets trapped as a mystical sorcerer because of a magic helmet that allows him to go through other dimensions and time? That just screams for the Wachowski’s someone like an Ang Lee who can master the unbelievable and make it believable. 
  6. Static Shock: This may just be acting like the child I am, but I don’t care. Static Shock was one of the most loved TV shows of us 90’s kids and it brings some diversity to the world of movies along with a character that has never had the cinematic treatment. I understand that it could be a total cheese fest but you never know until you try. Give it the comedic sensibilities like The Coen Brothers can bring, but allow some serious moments, why not make it? 
  7. The Runaways: A group of teenagers who figure out their parents are all actually super-villains and decide to rebel like all teenagers do and become the opposite of their parents. Oh… and they have pet dinosaur. Need I say more? 
  8. Spectre: The theme continues with the supernatural because why not? Supernatural is super cool so it only makes sense to add character with the likes of the weird and ghostly. I could picture Spectre being a one shot film seeing its about a man who was once a detective who got encased in cement to swim with the fishes only to be denied access to heaven to instead become the Batman of Grim Reapers, yeah sign me up. 
  9. Green Arrow: My thoughts haven’t changed about the idea of TV adaptations of shit that I like. I want movies and as much as I did enjoy the show when I watched it for two and a half seasons, I want a cinematic event with Oliver Queen shooting arrows into bad guys. I would have settled for Robin Hood, but it seems like Hollywood has no idea how to make a good Robin Hood film. 
  10. Batman Beyond: Another injection of childhood memories, but at the same time, Batman Beyond created one of the coolest worlds viewers may have ever seen. I bleak and futuristic dystopian style Gotham with new villains and a new bad ass suit and an old Bruce Wayne? It’d definitely be refreshing to say the least. 

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