I recently made a list of ‘My Top 5 Worst Films of 2014’ and decided that it’s only right to make a favorites list as well, only this time, I doubled the amount of movies for this list simply because this year had that many great and enjoyable films.

This list has no particular pattern nor does it limit films to wide release or what have you. This is simply a list of movies I was able to see this year and how much I enjoyed them along with how much they resonated with me.

My list in order:

10. Chef: This was one of those movies you walk into not knowing what to expect, but exit happier than you were when you went in. It gave me such a happy feeling all throughout and kept me hooked even with all the antics. For whatever reason, people really did not enjoy this movie, but as a fan of Jon Favreau whether as a writer or director, Chef literally takes the cake.

9. The Equalizer: Once again, another film I did not have a good read on. All I knew going in was that I loved the director and the main actor and to be honest, that’s all you needed. It was dramatic, action packed, but most importantly, it knew what it was. My experience watching this movie was what I wish I could have every time I watch a movie.

8. Edge of Tomorrow: I wasn’t lucky enough to see this movie in theaters, but I wish I had. One of the best sci-fi/action movies I may have ever seen with visuals as remarkable as you can get. The story was fun, dramatic, visually snaring, and refreshingly original. The cast hit every point they needed to not make this film a load of trash. It’s an absolute shame this movie didn’t do as well as did.

7. The LEGO Movie: Like most of the movies on my list, I was not expecting this film to be as charming and witty as it was. Animated movies have a special place in my heart and LEGO managed to rekindle the warmth I felt as a kid watching animated films, but with an adults charm and humor. “Everything is awesome!”

6. Fury: This wasn’t a film that necessarily blew me away with anything it did, but I found myself talking about it for weeks. Once I sunk my brain around what I just watched, I realized that it was the direction and character development that hooked me immediately. I am also excited about David Ayer being the director for Suicide Squad after this.


5. Captain America: Winter Soldier: Originally not a fan of Captain America per say, I was coming into this film nonchalantly, but I came out screaming like a 14-year-old at a One Direction concert. Marvel seems to only get better and better and finds great talent to create their films.

4. X-Men: Days of Futures Past: More than a comic book movie, we are given some of the best and most memorable performances from a legendary cast along with storytelling and time travel done correctly, a rare feat for many directors, but it was no concern for Bryan Singer who returned in style with the best X-Men film of the franchise. BRING ON APOCALYPSE!

3. Gone Girl: Even I am surprised I am listing this so high. Maybe it’s my bias towards David Fincher and Ben Affleck or maybe it’s because it was excellently crafted storytelling. Even with the movie being as lengthy as it was, I was finally able to see what everyone whispered about. Gone Girl and its performances kept me awake and aware unlike many of the films of its caliber.

2. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: This was the one movie that gave me the high that rarely comes once a year. It gives you that feeling of honesty, entertainment, drama, and reality, but in a fantasy dystopian way… Andy Serkis officially has my soul and my money whenever he is in a film and has yet to make a film where he does not steal the show. (As the Schmoes say; “APES ON HORSES!”)

1. BIRDMAN: There aren’t enough words to relay my feelings for this film. I went into this movie thinking it was going to be another heavy drama art-house film, but with a stellar cast. I’ve been wrong before. Birdman truly redefined what film and acting is. Making a statement in the most complex, yet simple (oxymoronic I know) ways with a direction unlike anything I have ever seen, Birdman deserves to be on many of your lists as the number one movie of the year. The performers are all Oscar worthy as is the director who also served as the writer.



Interstellar, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Raid 2, The Hobbit 3, John Wick, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Babadook, Godzilla, Big Hero 6, and many more, but sadly I haven’t gotten the chance to see films like Whiplash, Nightcrawler, Big Eyes, Wild, and How to Train Your Dragon 2. 

I’m not happy about not leaving all these movies off the list, but movies are expensive and I’m doing my best. Please forgive me.


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