Being an avid movie connoisseur makes me take notice the vast quality of male actors in the industry. We all know names like Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Denzel and so on, but it’s the actors that are not as big of names that deserve more credit. This is a list of MALE actors that I think are in the subterranean levels of Hollywood and people’s minds.

For me, an underrated actor (in this case) are the men who you know you’ve seen or heard, but you just can’t get their name, but you know you’ve seen them.

10.   Djimon Honsou: Here is a man who was found by the great Steven Spielberg while he was homeless and modeling on the streets of London (weird I know). With his striking African accent and structurally good looks, people forget he has great enough range to play a black mailed black male (teehee) in Blood Diamond to an alien soldier in Guardians of the Galaxy. You all know who he is, but has sadly never shined as much as he should

9. Michael Fassbender: This one may come off strange for many above average film fans, but people have yet to understand the quality of talent this man possesses. No matter what movie he has taken on, he does it with a thespians spirit and Hollywood stars presence. We know him currently as Young Magneto in the X-Men franchise, but his work in 12 Years a Slave, Prometheus and was also the man in 300 who said the great line; “Then we shall fight in the shade.” Bet you didn’t know that, did you?

8. Andrew Garfield: Another name I already know??” To some level you are right, the guy that plays The Amazing Spider-Man, underrated? Yes. Have you seen The Social Network? 99% of the people I know didn’t even know he was British until I told them. Not only does he hide his accent incredibly well, but he displays such a wide range of emotion on-screen that many young actors just can’t do.

7. Eric Bana: Australia has churned out some insanely impressive talent over the decades. Whether it was Hugh Jackman, the Hemsworths, Geoffry Rush, Nicole Kidman or Kate Blanchett, people never seen to recall Eric Bana as a contender. His catalog may not be all that large, but when he is on-screen he shines. Whether he was Bruce Banner (the Hulk) or giving sharply spoken monologues in Star Trek as Nero, he brings a flare to the screen people have yet to appreciate.

6. Michael B. Jordan: If you haven’t seen Chronicle or Fruitvale Station then get on that. This man is a star waiting to shimmer on screens for years to come. His portrayal as the real life victim of police brutality, Oscar Grant, he was this close to getting an Oscar nomination, but was sadly the odd man during a loaded year of male nominees. He’s gonna “heat up” the screens as the Human Torch in the future which I’m sure will get people to recognize.

5. J.K. Simmons: I don’t know how long people can go without knowing this f**king guy, he’s only been in like…50 movies and some State Farm commercials along the way. His biggest mainstream efforts are on Law and Order and as J. Jonah Jameson in Sam Reimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, but I think we are finally getting glimpses of his greatness in his latest film Whiplash with Miles Teller.

4. Casey Affleck: The younger brother of Ben Affleck, Casey may not be the director his older brother is, but what he makes up for not directing shows in his acting ability. Being nominated for an Academy Award for his role in The Assassination of Jesse James by That Coward Robert Ford and Gone Baby Gone depict his acting range and that he just needs the right roles to let his ability blossom.

3. Andy Serkis: I know this is a questionable pick since we all finally know him, but I don’t think people have comprehended what he truly is as an actor. Whether it be his voices or his physicality in all his roles or, I dunno, being the godfather of motion capture! Beyond that, the guy can just flat-out act, period.

2. Paul Bettany & Sam Rockwell: I couldn’t help it! There needed to be a tie somewhere, especially with these two. These are men you have without a doubt seen or heard some point in time. Now that I think about it, they’re both in Iron Man 2. Bettany is stand out voice of Tony Stark’s robo butler, J.A.R.V.I.S. and Rockwell was the slimy villain that wasn’t Mickey Rourke. They both have endless talent, who just can’t seem to break into the “superstar” title, but I’m not thinking they give a sh**. They’re list of movie credits is shocking in the good way. One way or another they are in a movie you have most likely seen.

1. Jake Gylennhaal: It doesn’t help that Family Guy made him a victim of a popular punchline. The guy is talented, he may be quirky, but this guy is Oscar level talented. He started off as a reletively forgettable actor as far as movie roles, but, like wine, he has gotten better with time. His choices in movies have all but impressed me and yet the standard movie going audience doesn’t take him seriously. I would understand if they were talking about his sister, but ignorance is bliss.


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