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There isn’t a planet in our galaxy that didn’t geek out over this trailer.

Like a plethora of other fans of Star Wars, I was woken up by my vibrating phone invaded by messages relating to this trailer. Now that you have seen it, here’s my take on it.

Remember, this is not a full length trailer and the movie does not come out until next December 2015. With that being said, I love this teaser trailer. At first I was not impressed at all even with it being a trailer. I thought the vagueness was too vague and it didn’t show anyone I expected to see, but after a few watches, that is what makes this teaser so good.

Tonally, you definitely feel JJ Abrams presence mixed in with the nostalgic elements that makes Star Wars so iconic. From the beaten up X-WIngs to the TAI Fighter and even the pilot’s helmet. Compared to the prequels, the ships and all the gear looked like Floyd “Money” Mayweather was in charge of the cinematography and the set design plans.

From the first scene of the desert, which appears to be Tatooin, and John Boyega in a Stormtrooper uniform, did I realize how different this story was going to be. My one big question is this, why is John Boyega in a Stormtrooper outfit and why isn’t he a clone? As soon as I asked that question did I think up a hypothetical answer. What if he is masquerading as a Storm Trooper? It would make the most sense seeing the clones were clearly not black.

Which brings me to the next clip in the teaser, the Stormtroopers themselves. They have had new incarnations in every generation of their existence and this was no different. They seemed really clean kept close to the original episode Stormtrooper designs which I found to be really cool.

Then there’s that wheeling droid….

And then there was Daisy Ridley on what appeared some sort of scavenger style speeder. Her clothes made it seem like she was a native to the planet she was on and correct if I’m wrong, but it looked like there was a lightsaber or some sort of weapon on the side of her speeder….

The next vague visual we get is that of the pilot I previously mentioned. It looked like it was Oscar Isaac, but I couldn’t be too sure. If I was a betting man, I would guess that Isaac was indeed the pilot.

Jedi and Sith Lords, the moment everyone spoke about that wasn’t the cameo of the Millennium Falcon… THE CROSSGUARD LIGHTSABER.

Like many of you guys, I was like “what the hell is that? It can’t be his/her actual lightsaber can it?”. Taking away my ignorance for the sake of Star Wars, I took a moment to appreciate it for what it was. My only qualm on the saber itself was how thin it looked, stupid I know, but these are the things my eyes pick up.

I actually really like the broadsword style saber. It makes sense for it to have a hilt made of a lightsaber crystal, now this Sith Lord’s enemies can’t slide down and burn his/her finger nails. It actually has a quality purpose minus it looking sexy.

But one of the things that I am was most curious and enthralled over was the narrator. Who that narrator is, I do not know, but I have a few guesses in mind. Many of us, including yours truly, immediately assumed it was Smaug, I mean, Cumberbatch, but it is when you hear the lines uttered during the scene with the sith do I change my guess to someone like Andy Serkis.

Serkis has the apt ability to change his voice drastically whether it was for Golem or Caesar. Not to mention Serkis has an unknown role in the Star Wars universe we have yet to figure out, so for all we know, he is the guy we need to look out for.

I hope you guys enjoyed my analysis and opinions on the trailer! The Force Awakens opens in theaters in December 2015.




Long ago in a galaxy far, far away….

What if I told you that Elvis actually was alive on Mars or that Gareth Edwards (director of Godzilla 2014) had their idea set up for the Star Wars spin-off…which one would you believe?

Rumor patrol of mine led me to and their report of the story line of the highly anticipated Star Wars spin-off and it leads us to the DEATH STAR. Not just the DEATH STAR, but a Seven Samurai-like group of space hopping bounty hunters…who needs Elvis right?

The DEATH STAR sets in motion the whole Star Wars universe and the maturation of Luke SKywalker, without him, the original films cease to exist.

I think that a Seven Samurai slash Ocean’s Eleven movie in space would an incredibly smart way to go. With all the rumors circulating around characters like Obi-Wan or Yoda or Mace Windu just seemed stupid to be entirely honest, but this, no, this has gravitas.

It would introduce new and important characters that would not be on-screen simply for the name recognition, but rather for a compelling and entertaining story line.

Going back to A New Hope, the beginning crawl describes enough about a possible plot that it would detail this story as being around a time the first movie was set.

All I’m saying is, I am excited for even the possibility of this happening! I’m glad we can start slowly setting down those silly Yoda origin rumors and focus on the very clear possibilities we have laid out in front of us.


THE PARK IS OPEN! Dinosaurs, Star Lord, white people and all the nostalgia a person could ask for. Jurassic World, to no ones surprise has had its trailer leaked a day or two early and boy does it look insane….

Chris Pratt seems to be the man in Hollywood after breaking out in his lead role in Guardians of the Galaxy and is now set to be the star (that isn’t a prehistoric flesh-eating reptile) in the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park franchise. With Spielberg at the helm of production on this project you can only guess he dabbed his fingers in a little bit, we just hope that dab was the enough to complete the dish.

But the real question is this….WHO LET’S THEIR KID GO TO A PARK FULL OF LIVING DINOSAURS?!?!

Now that’s off my chest, I really enjoyed the trailer and was enthralled at the idea of a genetically enhanced super dino. Once again, why someone would try such a stupid thing is beyond my thought process, but it should make for a pretty entertaining story line if the execution is up to par with the first two films.

The tone seems fairly light compared to the original three, but maybe that’s because this trailer was mostly in the daytime. It seemed like that was mostly to set the tone of the park itself being an entertaining world of prehistoric proportions, but that’s not as important as the hopefully unfinished CGI Great white shark fed to that Free Willy wannabe in that tank.

Either way, I am still stoked at the idea of a new Jurassic Park even being a reality! I am excited to see this movie, but maybe if the trailer maintained a heavier tone I would be all in, but I have some apprehensions about the visuals, but maybe I’m a nitpicking little POS, that’s up for debate.



“And though he leveled our fields…and lay waste to our crops…all hail the Lord of destruction…the invincible one.”


He is, Apocalypse. Reported by, Oscar Isaac, lead actor of Inside Llewyn Davis has been cast for Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Apocalypse. Variety also mentioned how it seemed as if Isaac was Singer’s man from the beginning (understandably so).

If you know nothing about the character, feel free to use context clues. His name literally means the complete end and destruction of the world, but comic book fans would know the character by his other name…En Sabah Nur. Rumors were around the internet (SHOCKER) on who was most likely to be cast the big baddy for the X-Men universe and the names were not all to original.

Naturally, fans would run to a guy like The Rock or Tom Hardy, though great choices and ideas for the villain, but Isaac is a great choice. With his soon to be meteoric rise to fame and big screens with his role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it makes sense to get him while he is hot or snagged by another studio. Never is it wrong to recruit talent and Isaac is definitely talented. 

Apocalypse is the X-Men’s greatest villain they will most likely ever face in their movie universe. Being the Thanos or Darkseid to the X-Men, he will give them one hell of a fight. Known to be the first ever mutant, En Sabah Nur is all mighty and all-powerful.

With that being said, whiny fanboys are going to have seizures over the fact that Isaac isn’t this towering figure like the character he is going to play, but rest assured, if they knew any better, there would be an understanding that Apocalypse is obviously going to be rendered through CGI and it won’t matter what-so-ever that Isaac is the size he is. The question will be if he can pull off the menacing, but brilliant and tyrant like being that is Apocalypse.

This casting among the other X-Men castings rumored out there are all great. Bryan Singer’s approach towards not giving a crap about the movies he did not direct has made for a film the grossed $745 million along with simply an all around great movie. To add icing to this mutated cake, Singer was quoted as saying it will be the most destructive film in the franchise to date.


Children on Leashes…

So I’m at the mall buying some DVD’s at an F.Y.E., pretty standard moment in the life and times of yours truly. It is not until I get towards the stores entrance do I see a woman and her child strapped in to a leash in the style of a dog…

…Yeah, a leash….

It amazes me I still any inch of sanity left after all the shit I observe. From the “news” orbiting on stories like an oily and nude Kardashian to murderers getting married IN jail, I cease to amaze myself. Even after all that nonsense we parade as important or relevant to people, we ignore things like child leashes.

You think I’m joking, but this really grinds my gears. Color me crazy, but why should any parent be allowed to stroll in public with their offspring on a cable like an English poodle? If you are of able body and mind, why wouldn’t you just chase after your kids like the rest of the parents out there?? To make it worse, other parents were admiring said leash!

If my mom ever put me on a leash expect my child like psyche to be nonexistent. Sure the kid was no older than two, but you had him. I may not know the story behind this child’s birth, but let us assume he was clearly and purposely the desired outcome through procreation and his parents are “standard, normal parents”. Did they not expect their child to be prancing around like one of Santa’s reindeer at the tender of age of two or was he supposed to move like a banana slug? He’s a child, if you are scared of him wandering off so badly, how about you hold his hand and increase the physical connection with your kid like most “good” parents do.

I get the pros of the leash sure, but come on guys, it’s a freaking leash, an object made for pets and animals. Do you remember a time when good people were on leashes and it being a good thing…NO and if you do you’re probably a nut case or a racist.

I don’t know anymore…should I even be mad? Are dog leashes actually a good idea to have on children? Probably not, but hey, let me know in the comments below!


Birdman (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), written and directed by Mexican filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu, is a shining example of what film making is all about. It has been awhile since I have witnessed such incredibly thought out editing and styles of shooting.

Birdman refuses to allow the audience to get tired of what they are viewing. It’s a story about a former Hollywood superstar, played by Michael Keaton, who was known for his blockbuster roles in the 90’s as comic book superhero by the name of Birdman. Keaton’s character is that of Riggin Thomsan, a rookie theater director, writer, and actor as he quickly falls into a pit of lunacy and self discovery all in the midst of getting his play up and running with troubles shadowing the production.

Layered with endless metaphors and an ear pleasing script, Birdman delves deeper into the issues and stigmas we face in the world of movies. Whether you are a viewer or critic or part of the production itself, there will be a scene in the film that immediately pertains to you. Inarritu out does himself with his directing, but it would not have worked without his incredible script. It gives such a rhythm and flow of the story and all of its characters, it almost feels like you are watching an Olympic 4×1 team take gold. Everyone delivers in their roles and not a single actor drops the baton.

From the supporting cast members to the star himself (Keaton), you could go on for an extra hour just to see them act their asses off. Keaton gives the performance of a lifetime falling into a highly cyclic motion as he renews our spirits and opinions of how spectacular he really is. The raw emotion and charm and natural feel he gives us really allows we the viewers to comprehend the struggles and hardships, not just actors and actresses face, but any person that desires be taken seriously must deal with.

Edward Norton, though not being in the movie as long as I would have hoped, is beyond incredible. Playing a volatile, but talented stage actor who is notoriously difficult to work with was highly ambiguous to see. I only say that because Norton in real life has been known to be tough to work with at times. In fact, there is a scene where Norton’s character takes method acting to an extreme and Norton in real life copied what we see on film.

Talk about a paradox…

Whatever the case may be, his screen presence radiates like sun rays and at some points of the film, steals the show from Keaton. Without forgetting the likes of Naomi Watts, Andrea Riseborough, Amy Ryan, Emma Stone, and even Zach Galifianakis, there is not moment these actors do not churn up quality roles.

Without going into how magnificent the entire cast was, I must move on…

Puzzled for quite a few moments in the theater, there were so many twists and turns significant and little factoids sprinkled throughout that I had to ask my buddies if I had missed anything, naturally I did. What that means for you viewers is as follows, PAY ATTENTION. There isn’t symbolism that does not have significance and that’s a huge pro towards why this movie is so good. There is scene, a little bit before the end that literally vocalizes to us what we do wrong as an audience and how we are saturated with ocular sores we like to call movies and film. The significance of that scene alone should make us realize that we are letting art fall into a dark and cold Sparta pit.

Onto the negatives….

Something I can see being viewed as negative for some is the verbiage and the slightly preachy message in some scenes, but you have to take them for what they are. You don’t go to see this movie for the explosions or for Megan Fox’s lips, you see it to be blown away by top tier acting and a direction unlike any other. If I was to give anymore negatives, it would be like reaching for a cloud….if I was buried underground….at the center of the earth….and I didn’t have arms.

Birdman is a masterpiece. It’s bold, ambitious, ballsy, and strikingly original. The performances are out of this world and only show the quality of the script and its directing even more. It’s not only dramatic, but witty with highly contagious humor and satire. It will leave you guessing and gasping all while alluring you with its cinematography and drum only score.

Birdman is the first movie I can think of that I can confidently say is a solid 10/10. Though it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, you have to respect what it is and take a second to bury your ignorance to how important this film really is.

Birdman is in select theaters near you and is a must see! If you liked Birdman or my SPOILER FREE review, comment at the bottom and give me your feedback! Follow, like, and share this article and site for more movie reviews and movie news!


With Suicide Squad on the way from Warner Bros. and the new DC slate, it is rumored that Suicide Squad may have a new character they want to add…Joker perhaps? It comes to the shock of many that DC and Warner Bros. would even consider another Joker since Heath Ledger’s Joker is still so branded into everyone’s brains, but at the same time, it makes sense.

Suicide Squad, if you do not know, is a DC property that chronicles a crew of mercenary super-villains, hired by Amanda Waller. In the more popular story lines surrounding Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn is a part of the team and when there is Harley Quinn there is always The Clown Prince of Crime. If they wanted to add Harley Quinn into their cinematic universe, logic reads that having the Joker without Harley or vice versa is making a sandwich without bread.

Now, take these rumors as a grain of salt. Casting for the Joker was going around when we had a Joker already cast. He is a prominent and “insanely” popular figure in the modern world, so it is no surprise people are throwing casting rumors out for him, BUT the TheWrap is reporting that Leto is “circling the role”. Coming off a stellar performance which garnered his first Oscar nomination and win in Dallas Buyers Club, Leto has been in the forefront for a couple roles in superhero based films.

Obviously he has all the talent in the world to take on a role as challenging and demanding as this, not to mention he already knows how to put on flawless make-up ever since Dallas Buyers Club. Personally, I am alright with seeing another Joker. The only thing DC/WB needs to do is make quality films and not settle for crap. If it makes the most sense for a good movie than by all means let the Joker return.

….time to make people mad….

If you are one of those people who say; “NO! No one can ever be as good as Heath Ledger was. No one should play the Joker ever again.” than you’re an incompetent fool living inside a box, acting crazier than the Joker himself.

Would you want to see Leto as Joker? If so, which incarnation of him would you want to see? I’d love to see the Joker from A Death in the Family personally, but I feel like that’s never going to happen. Eh well, a guy can dream, right?

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