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This is why I need to be in California! So much news dropped from Marvel Studios today and none of it any less incredible than what announcement came before it. My brain would fry if I attempted to detail all the news coming out of Marvel Studios, so here is my best attempt at condensing all the sublime news.

First off, our predictions were true, Captain America 3 is officially Captain America: Civil War. With the inclusion of Tony Stark’s Iron Man being released from the studio a week or so ago, the first guess all of us sweaty nerds grabbed onto revolved around the Marvel: Civil War, story line….

….for more info, check out my article on “Could Marvel Helm A Civil War Movie??”…..

That didn’t come to nearly as much of shock…that was…until T’Challa came on stage! Yes! Marvel has officially announced a Black Panther film and Chadwick Boseman will star in the role of Black Panther himself. Mind you, all these movies are planned to be released no later than 2018 as INHUMANS concludes Feige and Marvel’s slate.

Yes I said Inhumans. Rumored to be in the works (shocker there), Inhumans is now finally a reality. With no news besides it’s release date, expect to get more news in the coming years. Another new character was revealed as well, a Captain of sorts. No not Captain America…try…CAPTAIN MARVEL!

Not only will we have a black superhero on the screen once again, (people forget Spawn and Blade), we are now finally getting a female lead superhero movie. We can only applaud the diversity Marvel is adding to their ladder of films. With Wonder Woman being released in 2017 for DC and now Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) set to take flight into Phase 3 of Marvel, we finally will get the chance to see, not only fan favorites, but staples of their respective comics, get a proper onscreen treatment.

We also have a Thor: Ragnarök film heading our way in 2017 which was quoted as being “important” to the cinematic universe which is cool…I don’t know, I just don’t care that much. Don’t get me wrong! I’m very excited, but after Thor’s last movie was average and was more or less “needed”. On the other hand, Ragnarök is a great story line and hopefully will maintain that dark and gritty tone that Marvel seems to be going with.


And finally….INFINITY WARS. Not only are we getting an Infinity Gauntlet story, but we are getting a 2 PART AVENGERS FLICK! Yes, we are not only getting Thanos, but we are getting a complex and drawn out epic for our big baddy. The viewing revealed a montage of all the Infinity Stones we have seen in previous Marvel movies while Thanos…well…I won’t say anymore. THE POINT IS, Marvel has out done themselves yet again. How they have done it once again, I will never know, but I don’t need to know either.

Combine these 9 new movies with the DC movies slated until 2020 and we are getting at least 2-3 movies a year in the superhero genre alone! Talk about spoiled.

What do you think of the news?? Any characters you wished they announced or wish they didn’t announce? By all means let me know and like this page and share the news!


Will all the news coming out about comic book movies slated until at least 2020, what a surprise we are likely to have another casting come out for Marvel. With their plans geared up to bring more unknown characters to the silver screen, it’s no shock to hear their more current project, Doctor Strange, may have found their leading man.


With Joaquin Phoenix backing out of the casting for The Sorcerer Supreme and Tom Hardy most likely doing…well…everything else, it’s no surprise they turn to the unquestioned talents of Sma—I mean, Benedict Cumberbatch. Like Hardy, Cumberbatch’s name is thrown into the pot of nearly every studio execs list of actors they need to target. From his voice to his sheer presence, you can see why Cumberbatch would be “the studio’s choice”. 

With Variety and Deadline confident in this news that Marvel and Kevin Feige have found their man, it brings a small percentage more to the validity of this news. I have 0 doubt in my mind that Cumberbatch could bring what is needed for the role of Steven Vincent Strange, now if they could just name the director….

Obviously I think this would be a GREAT move for Marvel and the Doctor Strange movie, I subconsciously wish they did go with a lesser known actor instead of with the safe choice, but that’s me being frugal. What do you think of the strong possibility we have found our Doctor Strange after all this time?

Comment below and let me know! <<<<<< (Credit to JeremyJahns)


With time comes experience and with experience comes wisdom. What time does not always bring is maturation and needed growth all of us require to advance in the real world. It’s not always what you do or what you say, but rather, how you go about doing either. As you progress through life, you should be picking up the rights and wrongs of social well-being and all the idiosyncrasies that form quality adults.

This is not me trying to say that people need to live a grey and stark existence, quite the contrary actually. My intention is to bring my personal insight on what taints a person’s character. From my observations, the signs pointed to their lack of maturity in certain situations.

Childhood is temporary, but maturity and immaturity can last forever. If anything, let these signs serve as a possible road map or guideline to allow a better version of yourself to permeate through your everyday existence.

The obvious signs would be things like….

Having No Manners

What did mom, dad, grandparents and teachers always say to you? Remember your manners. Just by someone chewing with their mouth open or interrupting in a conversation shows high levels of immaturity. It shows you do not respect others around you. You have failed to grasp the elementary idea of simply being respectable. Not everyone needs to like you, but you at least want them to respect you.

They Don’t Think Before They Act

Specifically, I find this whenever I go on social media. Social media is a breeding ground for reckless and uncensored opinion where people do not consider the weight their words have. It also follows people when they wilt under peer pressure without taking in pros and cons.

Something I found annoying for a long time, now it’s died down, is the use of words like “retarded” and it being used incorrectly. I can only hope people understand how ignorant and childish it is to go about calling others that for the sake of insulting someone else. The examples span on like the ocean, unfortunately.

They Always Play the Petty Victim

This is that moment when a person is wrong and they can never own up to their mistakes. They desire pity and the feeling that they do not deserve their consequences. They either argue back, even if they are wrong or they clam up and do not resolve the issue at all. A more mature person understands that they will fail and be wrong a lot, but they take it in stride and understand that it’s all a learning curve.

If you can grasp the concept of getting up when you fall, you will find better outcomes when you try to walk again. Never will it be a good thing to stay in your sorrow and marinate in your misery.

They Do Not Know How to Adapt to Specific Situations

There are plenty of exception to this one, but ignore them for a second.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having fun and being a child at heart. Personally, I adore comic books and cartoons while being a goofball and a loudmouth, but you will never see me acting that way in the work environment or important situations. People that can adapt to certain situations understand that there is a time and place for everything.

If you have to wear a suit or dress instead of sweats, do it with pride and respect for yourself and the people around you. This does not mean you have to be stiff and a tight wad with your nose in the air, it just means you know how to act civil when needed and fun when it’s appropriate. A great skill to have is being able to properly mix both fun and class.

They Can Not Think For Themselves

It’s bad enough we as people are nothing more than sheep, but if anything, be the black sheep. Do not just be a Lemming, learn and think for yourself and gain independence. The more you are capable of doing by yourself, for yourself, will you open doors to your potential.

They Have No Drive 

This is the one sign that pisses me off the most. These are the people who are content with being stuck in their thick haze of mediocrity. They have no interest in bettering themselves, they probably will never move out of their parents house, complain about how they have no future, but then do anything about it.

They are nothing more than couch potatoes or dependent on other people to live. You fear for their futures (if they have one) and they are shocked when a person tells them the truth about their possible outcome. A non-driven person shackles their potential like veil and their end point takes the same route.

I could go on for days with this…

But I won’t. Being only 20 years old, I am still relatively young, but I confidently believe that I go about my business as an adult man should. It kills me to know most of my peers are still not grasping what maturity really is. In my eyes, maturity is a level in your existence where you take on the proper degree of responsibility. All you have to do is think a little bit. Don’t always act on impulse and stop being selfish. Of course, easier said than done.

Am I crazy to think this way? By all means, let me know in the comments below. If you agree with me, like and share this article as much as you can and follow me for a wide range of discussion topics!


THE LEGEND OF KORRA Ep. 4 Review – “The Calling”

They say, “it’s the small things that count” and whoever they are hit the nail on the head. Centered around Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo and their search for Korra. We get a charming, wholesome and humorous episode, full of the witty and child like moments that remind us how much we love this cartoon.

With the three siblings acting as Tenzin’s Avatar retrieval force, we finally get an episode dedicated to the different personalities that make them so charming. Not wasting any time, the siblings trek onward and do some spiritual detective work in search of Korra.

While Korra is still in the swamp with Toph, we see light-hearted conflict that brings the siblings together. Meelo is without a doubt is a scene stealing character like he always has been. From the goofy persona and exaggerated facial features, he brings us some of the best moments and lines in the whole series. Always thinking he is the right one to lead, he does find clues to Korra’s whereabouts as does Ikki, leading them to the swamp where she resides.

Not having much extra detail beyond the kids, “The Calling” is another episode that needed to happen. It was deeply character driven while focusing on the comedic and family themes Avatar has been known for. Reminiscent of the days of Team Avatar with, Aang, Katara, and Sokka, the mood stays friendly.

It makes sense to have thrown this little episode in when they did. I think it would have gotten a tad irritating if we saw too much more of just them. Jinora is the exception seeing she is the most adult of them all, but Meelo and Ikki are definitely great supporting characters the story needs. It made their finding of Korra all the sweeter.

It was cool to see the swamp give the same challenges to Korra as it did with Aang. I don’t think it was by accident that they made Toph’s secret location in the swamp. Originally where Aang saw her (albeit as a vision) it was smart to have her end up there too. And with Korra finding her visions slowly breaking away from her inner fears and turmoil, she finally bends the metal out of her once and for all.

With Toph’s Yoda like advice bringing a strong message to Korra about her past enemies, it gave the idea that she will have and carry with her for the rest of her journey as the Avatar. The ideas of; freedom, spirituality, and equality will all come into play much sooner in the season and shape Korra’s next mission in bringing peace and balance to world.

“The Avatar is back in business!”. I couldn’t have said it better myself, Meelo. Perhaps Korra will bring a new view to the ways of becoming a stronger Avatar with her new found wisdom, an extreme make-over if you will or maybe she will unleash great balls of fire and burn the Kuvira’s metal into oblivion!!

…..or maybe not….

The verdict, a really charming episode with fun character moments and classic Toph. The music is something that needs to be noted as well. The scores and composition for this show is unreal and so valuable to the show’s entirety and need not be overlooked. I can not wait to see Korra regain here rightful prowess as the Avatar.

THE LEGEND OF KORRA Ep. 3 Review – “The Coronation”

This was an episode that needed to happen. It was not full of constant action or spectacular bending sequences we hope to expect. Instead, this was a subtle nod to another classic episode from the The Last Aibender, full of deep revelation and “hard work”.

Coming off the journey Korra has been on over the past three years, we now find her in the same swamp the original Team Avatar became lost in. Last week, we were reintroduced to a familiar character that we’ve been waiting to see for almost a season and a half, the Blind Bandit herself. Giving the same guidance and instruction on mental and physical toughness, Toph, even in her old age, packs a wallop.

Like the metal and rock she bends, Toph is hardening our young Avatar to become what she needs to be. You could say she’s found a new “Twinkle Toes” to throw around in the mud. One of my favorite quotes from this episode, as cheesy as it may have been, was when Toph said how Korra was blinder than she was. You can only image Korra felt that like an Azula lightening strike.

Like lightening, the bond between Mako and Bolin came crashing down. With Mako being a glorified body-guard for the soon to be King of the Earth Kingdom, we find their moral struggles differing once more. With Bolin working for Genghis Khan…I mean, “The Great Conqueror”…we find him conflicted on which side he should choose. Unfortunately, Bolin’s naive, but sensable nature leads him to towards the opposite path he most likely should be going. Kuvira once again, shows her true character.

Being proven that Kuvira “always gets her way”, in more ways than others, we are seeing the madness slowly unfolding. Her tampering with the coronation and spewing her dictator like opinions across the city came flowing like pools of unblocked Chi (yes that was ANOTHER ATLA reference), she successfully convinced the citizens that a monarchy is pointless to living properly. Like other dicks….I mean dictators…she is bringing truth to her argument, swaying the people in her general direction.

Back to Toph and Korra…

As much as the other stories matter, this will always be about the Avatar and Toph. One of the most beloved characters in Avatar history, fans will be pleased to see Toph’s return done properly. From her constant wit and ball busting, all the way to her tough love, Toph has been brought back flawlessly. To make it better, she brings out a really intriguing plot device: “The metal still in Korra’s body.”

When I heard Toph say that extra metal was still lurking in Korra’s body, I immediately thought Iron Man… What I also began to realize and appreciate was the reasoning behind Korra’s struggles and walls she has. Not only was her mentality weakened, but her body as well. Knowing she had a physical issue and road block was refreshing in the sense that her issue was not all so psychology based.

From what Toph told us, her daughter’s aren’t too good at taking metal out of people. I can only imagine how powerful Toph became in these last decades. As she attempts to take the extra liquid shrapnel from our Avatar Tony Stark, we find out that Toph is not able to get the metal unless Korra relaxes. As you could guess, Korra didn’t relax.

Telling Korra that she needs to stop being a sissy (that’s paraphrasing a bit) opens the doors to storyline even more. When she is mentally ready, Korra will have to find that inner strength once again to carry out what she needs to do, even if that means bending the metal out herself.

Like I said, this wasn’t an overly exciting episode, but it had precious value and gave us a cameo we have all been overdue to see. It gave more plot devices that are going to lead to impending struggles in Republic City and between Mako and Bolin and it even gave us all of Tenzin’s kids in those bad ass glider suits! Think of them as an Airbending Task Force of sorts, waiting for their mission.

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There is Nothing Wrong With “Being Out of Place”

Growing up, we venture into our cruel and unforgiving world, unaware of what our future has in store for us. Some people begin to realize where they fit in earlier than others and to them I say, “Well done”. It’s the men, women and children who are not granted such luxury I want to speak to.

We all go through some type of schooling. We start off without a care in the world and are as happy as pigs in the mud. Some of us will get jobs or careers and go into college in between and throughout those experiences, we begin to see where we fall. Through those trials and tribulations we discover if we “fit in” or not.

Feeling like you do not belong is not okay, but if you find yourself with a group of people or surrounded by peers that go against what you are as a person, chances are you don’t fit in and that’s okay. This is the moment where I want you all to realize that, fitting in does you no good. Think about it this way, when has putting a square peg in a round hole ever made sense?

I understand it is hard to not fall under social pressures and if you are caught between that rock and a hard place scenario, examine your situation. Don’t just jump head first into shallow water. Do not pretend to be something you aren’t. I see it everyday, people with the mentality of sheep go about their day following someone else’s plan and they lose their sense of self.

These are the people who I call fake. Those are the Barbie’s and Ken’s that swarm our civilization because they do not want to be out of place, they crave acceptance. When you feel this way, do some self-evaluation. Discover what or who makes you happy and go from there. If you love reading and people you are affiliated with don’t respect your passion for reading, either let them keep walking or take initiative by embracing what you love and what makes you special and make it loud and clear. The true friends will genuinely hear what you have to say and take who you are seriously.

Time is entirely too precious to waste on those who do not respect it. You need to not worry about what makes someone “better” than you and find out what makes you better. No matter what the factor may be, grip that motive tight and understand that your feeling of being “out of place” should be a light bulb to the facts. If you are unhappy where you are, do the best you can to be happy, that is a human right we all can pursue.

Being out of place is nothing more than your flower waiting to bloom. All it needs is some positive rays of light and understanding to show its true beauty. Make the best of what you have and reveal your true character. Do not lose your individuality, do not feel insecure because you say “no” once in a while. Prevent people from gaining power to manipulate you into becoming something you are not.



The thorough evaluation of the DC film slate has yet to come to any bit of a conclusion. Having the solidified facts on the soon to be David Ayer Suicide Squad film, we are now hearing that Warner Bros. has possibly come up with their desired cast for the film.

Desiring A-List talent for the films main protagonists (sort of), the list has come up with enough star power to have it’s own galaxy. Names like Tom Hardy, Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling and even Will Smith have all been the names possibly targeted to portray the super villain team. With that being said, I would not expect this to be a small-scale film in the slightest.

With Ayer directing the upcoming film Fury and having directed End of Watch, the tonal feel of the movie will definitely be right up his ally. Having A-Listers like this begs a few large questions. One of those questions is obvious, who does he want to play who? My guess is that they will follow the current New 52 roster to some degree. Some of the main stays of the comics have been Deadshot, Black Manta and fan favorite Harley Quinn.

Ryan Gosling is no stranger to the dark, callous anti-hero roles. Portraying all forms of sociopaths whether it be in Drive, Only God Forgives or A Place Beyond the Pines, there is no debating how good of a fit Gosling would be for the role of Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot. Assuming that is who they would want him to play, it fits when you observe his resume. Once looked at for Green Lantern, Warner Bros. is all too familiar with his talents.

Ironically, two other names listed are sharing the screen together in a new Warner Bros. film, Focus. With the name drop of Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street) the Fresh Prince himself, you would guess Ayer wants to start up the live action adaptation of Harley Quinn, if not Harley Quinn, maybe a character like Killer Frost. Either way, Robbie’s stock is quickly on the rise after we all saw her steal scenes in The Wolf of Wall Street. It doesn’t hurt that she is co-starring in a 2015 film with Will Smith either. 

Often being sited as an actor who wants no part in a film if he isn’t the star, Will Smith has been out of the limelight for a fair bit of time. No I am not considering After Earth. It would be a pleasant surprise if he was to confirm and sign on for a role as one of the Suicide Squad members, but expect the worst and hope for the best. My guesses for his character revolve around, Black Manta, but it could end up being a fight for the lead role, whoever that might be.

And then there is Tom Hardy. What role isn’t this guy rumored to be in? With his schedule most likely booked with his Mad Max films, it would be hard to be shocked if he declines any roles. Marvel’s Doctor Strange has yet to be cast either and Hardy’s name was strongly in the mix. It doesn’t hurt that he has already proven himself in a comic book movie already, The Dark Knight Rises.

Who knows at this point? We can only speculate and pray this film gets the talent it needs to be a great action movie. Until then, share this article, like it and please leave comments below!


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