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You Aren’t Impressing ANYONE With “Stuff”: Priorities Have Left the Building

It takes a high level of insecurity and relative lack of growth to still want to show off your “stuff” and think most honest and true people are going to fall under your spell. I mean, there is nothing wrong with having “stuff”. By “stuff”, I simply mean, items that are normally looked at as impressive or gander-worthy. “Stuff” gives a false representation to a certain type of person, having them believe people will like them or respect them because they have it.

I was at a health fair at our local hospital helping out with my jobs stand at the function and noticed a man attempting to appeal to some young ladies. The man was dressed in a normal button down and khakis like many do everyday, but what made him oh so special was his diamond studded watch, from Michael Kors. All this man is doing is talking out his sphincter like any tool would do in this situation. He makes it evident that he should be considered a big deal. It was like this guy watched Psycho and modeled after Christian Bale for a few hours, but forget that he isn’t Christian Bale.

All that he had to show was a stupid watch and some overzealous pick up tactics. Thankfully for these girls, they had some common sense to realize how pathetic he was coming off. He spoke only about his watch and how he can treat these women to a “good time”….then I saw his car and his angry wife outside the hospital before I left. Not saying you should judge someone by his car or wife, but damn, do priorities mean anything to you??

I saw this man hide his Michael Kors under his sleeve like he was smuggling cocaine across the border. A pale red coloration painted his face and his apparent wife was none too pleased. He was wearing a $300 Michael Kors watch, now the only use that watch has is to see when the next bus is coming because he definitely isn’t getting driven home. Priorities people! Sadly, priorities don’t matter to some. Sometimes, they get caught up that Barbie world where it’s fake and wrapped in plastic…? I digress, but that’s okay, at least he has enough diamonds on his wrist to not go hungry for a few days.

Chef Review: Jon Favreau’s Best Work?

You are a liar if you say you do not get a tad hungry after watching Chef. I have no doubt, your body will be craving fine cuisine in no time at all. Not only does Chef make you want to feast for days on end, but you are also treated to a visual feast celebrating the wonders of food, friends, and family. Chef is one of those few films that positively pulls on your heartstrings and tickles your funny bone. With an all-star cast and a beautiful direction Chef will not disappoint.

The film circles around a master chef who cooks in a Los Angeles restaurant owned by Dustin Hoffman. With a top-notch food critic coming in to sample some of Chef Casper’s (Favreau) dishes, Casper is forced to go against his creative ways. Following a belittling and poor review on Casper’s dishes, he finds himself distraught and unhappy at the restaurant. Realizing it is not for him, he decides to aggressively resign.

With his world only set on making great food, Casper is ignorant to the neglect he shows his ten-year old son (played by Emjay Anthony). Realizing he needs to spend more time with his son and also find a way to make what he wants, Casper buys a food truck where he takes an exodus from Los Angeles to his hometown of Miami, with Percy (Emjay Anthony) and his best friend Martin (John Leguizamo). Together they embark on an eye-opening trip down south to rekindle flames and make the best Cubanos possible.

With cameos from some of Favreau’s old Iron Man cast, you see Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johanson show up small roles. Along with Dustin Hoffman, John Liguizamo, and Sofia Vergara, there is no lack of familiar faces and definitely no lack of talent around this project. Even with the star power all throughout, you do not get taken out the film.

Such an organic tone is tough to forge in films. Rather than follow the formula, Favreau gives us a perfect amount of humor and drama, but neither so heavy that you feel bombarded. It has the perfect amount of flavors to give it that wholesome vibe of reality and comfort. It’s like being at your uncle’s BBQ on the summer while he cracks open a Yuengling and lights a stogie. It’s calming, and yet, it’s full of subtle adventure. It is as quality as the sandwiches shown in the film.

It was truly one of the more enjoyable films I have been able to see this year. Even with an R-rating, you’ll be amazed at how much of a “family” style movie this becomes throughout. I am not saying take your ten-year old to see it or anything, but that is definitely the feel you will have. It gives remarkable themes without the overbearing preachiness that some films portray. It relies on strong characters and beautiful imagery of food and Hispanic culture. Beyond the obvious themes, you see the relevancy of technology take a major role throughout as well, whether it highlight the positives or the negatives.

I hope you all get the chance to see Chef and understand how much quality this film possesses. Favreau shows his talent in nearly every microcosm of this project and we can only hope he continues to stay on this level.  4.5/5 Rating.

Why Haters Need to Stop Hating on Ben Affleck

First off, Ben Affleck is flipping awesome! I just want you all to know that. If you love movies even a little bit, you need to understand how impressive Affleck truly is. Now, its human nature to bag on the people and things we do not understand. It happens, but what gets me on this argument is the constant fifth grade playground mentality some people gain when they attempt to soften his validity. “Ben Affleck sucks! Did you see Daredevil?!”, well yes I did, but have you seen anything else he has done? In fact, do you know ANYTHING about him? Yeah, didn’t think so. Let me give a quick overview as to why Affleck deserves more credit.

In his early years, you may remember him showing up in a few Kevin Smith movies like, Dogma and Chasing Amy and a Burger King ad here and there. It wasn’t until after his stint in the world of comedy that he really showed his chops. The year was 1997, Good Will Hunting opens in theaters across the world and a few months later, Affleck and his buddy Matt Damon are cheesing from ear to ear with the Golden Statue in their hands for Best Original Screenplay, the Oscar. To make it better, he managed to star and write the film with his child hood friend! Have you gained worldwide success from writing a film with your BFF? Nope, not likely.

How about I just list some cool facts about him instead of rant this time around:

  • He was in Dazed and Confused!
  • Affleck was living with his brother Casey and Matt Damon waiting for work and decided to write their own script (that was a good idea)
  • The inspiration for Will Hunting’s job in Good Will Hunting was inspired by Affleck’s dad who was once a janitor at Harvard
  • Good Will Hunting was nominated for 9, count in 9! Academy Awards
  • He was great in Shakespeare in Love!
  • He used to date Gwyneth Paltrow or whatever her name is…
  • He did something positive about his alcohol abuse
  • Charlie Sheen drove him to the rehab center
  • He banged J-LO!!!
  • he is happily married to another Jennifer (Garner) and have four kids
  • He has claimed that “beautiful women scare him”….awe
  • he loves vintage video games
  • He enjoys doing impressions!
  • He is fluent in Spanish AND French, and Bostonian which I hear is pretty close to English….hehe
  • Just look at that chin, I mean come on!

Batfleck and his remarkable chin

Besides all this, the guy is an incredible director and fan of comic books. He is going to be playing easily the most physically accurate Batman to date. He stands 6’3″ and is within the 220 lbs and up range and has the best chin Batman will ever have. Besides that, as a director, he has made only great movies. In fact, one in particular is so great that it received an Oscar for Best Picture.

People want to always bring up how he was in bad movies and that he has no talent as an actor. Yeah, because great actors have NEVER been in crappy films in the history of forever. If that is all you have in your pathetic quiver of insults, you need to go back to the forest you came out of. The man’s talent is like an aged Moscato from 1972. Realize his prowess as an actor/director/writer and all around great guy he truly is.

Also he’s a great father:

Take Advantage of the Positive Moments You’re Given

No one has ever been immune to negative moments. Unfortunately, we are all faced with times in our lives that break us down like salt in hot water. You wake up one day and have no intentions of getting out of your exceptionally comfortable bed. The alarm is shaking so loudly you almost scream, but you get up anyway. You are miserable. You have a test that day or have to deal with people you can’t stand. Almost nothing goes right, but then, a silver lining sparkles from the clouds.

I can admit, along with a high percentage of people, that there are days you don’t see the good. It is those times we have to seize the silver lining and run with it. I can’t count how many times I have come into class or work and just dreaded every moment of my existence, sometimes for fair reasons and others simply because I didn’t want to get my ass out of bed. Looking back, I can recall the moments and the people that reversed any angst or frustration I had, all by doing one positive act.

Recently enough, I tanked on a biology test that I was supposedly prepared for. I got my results back and realized how much I hate biology. For days I had taken proper notes, studied the material with my friends, and I even reviewed with my entire class BEFORE the test! I still  tanked. I went home and sulked at the depressing fact that I couldn’t succeed in something I worked hard on. It sucked. That whole day was ruined and to top it off, there was no cereal in my house. I eat cereal the same way people smoke cigarettes, cereal is my nicotine.

It was the day after my test and I was at work (sigh). Fall is one of those seasons no one comes in to where I work and that means boredom, boredom means insanity, insanity leads to frustration, frustration leads to me thinking, and what did I think about? My test. I get a text from a friend of mine. She let’s me know how much she wants to help with biology. I am pleased at the gesture, but it still doesn’t make you feel repaired. I’m still at work.

I am doing nothing but, waiting for something to happen. All I can do is circle the area I am in every five minutes or so and say hello to those who occasionally stroll in.  To make it worse, I am “hangry” beyond belief. If you do not know what “hangry” is, it’s the time when someone is grouchy due to their hunger. So I have a stomach that is talking back to me and nothing to do. It is right at this moment one of my favorite members comes into the gym. She is vicariously observing my mood as I stroll like the grouchy bastard I am and says this; “You’re hungry aren’t you?”. That’s it. That is all she said to me. I laughed my butt off for nearly ten minutes. A minuscule thing like her knowing I am a whiny b**ch when I don’t eat is all it took.

Naturally, I ran with it. I went to my bag and ate my lunch with a huge smile on my face and to add to the joy, the food tasted even better! Folks, I told every member about that story I just told you. In return, I was able to spread a more positive aura through the building and continue my day. I ended up thanking everyone who had shown kindness towards me and proceeded to go about my day. I have a bio test in a week and have never felt more confident in my life.

All you have to remember is this, no matter how dark a room is, no amount of darkness can blanket light. In lame man’s terms, nothing bad can outshine the good in your world. You are going to get through whatever it is you are doing. I am not saying it will be easy, nor am I saying you should whine about it, but let the moment take it’s course, find things that make you happy and roll with it! When I have a bad day, I write. I enjoy listening to some good tunes, watching movies, or just lifting sh** up and putting it down! Release the stress and realize you need to continue improving who you are. Along the way, you may help someone else out and do what they may have done for you. What goes around comes around.


Seth Rogan and James Franco’s “The Interview” RED-BAND Trailer

This looks absolutely hilarious. Rogan and Franco are at in again with their traditional dirty humor, but this time, they have to kill North Korea’s leader in Kim Jong Un or whatever the heck his name is. All I know is that this looks funny, take a look.


It was really funny and very expected humor from these two in their fourth or fifth movie together. What are your thoughts? Let me know down below! If you liked the trailer, share this article and follow for more trailer reviews and movie news.



With the news breaking FOX has finally green-lit a Deadpool film, it comes at the cost of its rating. It was reported recently that the studio prefers to go with a PG-13 rating. What does that mean? It means no F-bombs and no sex/nude scenes and no blood. As any fan will tell you, Deadpool is absolutely not a “soft” PG-13 worthy character.

Deadpool has constantly been spoken about for his graphic violence and vulgar humor. He has always stood out as a character who breaks from the other “good guys”. He kills people brutally and laughs about it. In reality, he is built to succeed the most as a Rated-R film. It appears that is not going to be the case. You can contend strongly that FOX is making somewhat of a mistake lowering the rating for a Deadpool movie…especially a Deadpool movie, but we have to weigh out the pros and cons before we can cast judgement.

Did anyone see the test footage leaked from Comic-Con? If you did (I know I did), then are either fully aware or completely unconscious to the reality that, that whole little clip was PG-13. There was no blood, no sex, and it had beeped out F-bombs, but it was still AWESOME! Which begs the question, can they make a quality Deadpool without his traditional, “Merk With a Mouth” like tendencies. Absolutely they can, the test footage showed the contrary to all those arguments. If anything, the film could release an unrated version on the DVD and Blu-Rays with all the cursing and blood and occasional nipple. It is very possible the movie could be entertaining and still Deadpool without it having the extra vulgar details.

On the other hand, it is really really unfortunate that FOX didn’t take the risk to even make a Rated-R Deadpool movie. It would have been one of the first ever quality superhero movies, since Blade and Spawn, that was Rated-R. It will definitely take away from the traditional character moments and basis the character is built on. He is a character not  to appease to children, but an audience who is at least 17 and up. He deals with adult themes in an adult manner and should be depicted as such, but it always will come down to the dollars and cents.

Do you mind the PG-13 rating or are you as angry as the rest of us sweaty nerds? Like the article and follow for more updates!

The Underrated Greatness of Andy Serkis

Serkis as Caesar

Gollum, King Kong, Caeser, Baloo, Captain Haddock, any of those sound familiar? Well they should, these are all the roles embodied by the godfather of motion capture technology, the one and only, Andy Serkis. Is there any one actor who has fallen under the radar for their work in the acting realms as much as Andy Serkis has? Sure, most of us know him now, but do we ever bring up his name in discussions of the great and true thespians and artists out there? An English film actor, Serkis has changed how we see acting and the film making world. With his work on films like Lord of the Rings, King Kong, The Adventures of Tin Tin and the rebooted Planet of the Apes series, we somehow don’t put his on our lists of best actors out there.

The genreal public will know him best for portraying Gollum in Peter Jackson’s Middle Earth franchises, Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit and might be his most popular role to date and for exceptional reason. As the iconic and schizophrenic being, Serkis creates a once in a lifetime voice and performance that has transcended the film universe. Tapping into the deepest depths of his imagination, he becomes the creatures and characters given to him and performs them flawlessly, mostly through the growing technology of motion capture. For those unfamiliar, motion capture or mo-cap for short, is the process of capturing a person’s movement. In film, no one has done it better than Serkis.

Paving the way for great thespians like Benedict Cumberbatch who played Smaug in The Hobbit franchise or Bill Nighy as Davey Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean, it is because of Serkis’ innovation and expertise we have seen this art form grow in cinema. Being a consultant in some of the biggest films over the recent years like Godzilla (2014) and The Avengers (2012), he has even been signed to other huge name properties, notably the one he is starring and directing, The Jungle Book and is also pinned for a mystery role in Star Wars VII.

Not many realize how difficult his job has been to bring to life all the characters he has portrayed. To gangly beings like Smeagle/Gollum to portraying strong and emotionally filled apes, his range and ability to create such emotionally gripping characters is stuff of legend. Unfortunately, people are visual and when we do not see a human face we do not associate them with other great actors or actresses. When in reality, some of the most talented actors and actresses have taken on the task at motion capture and give us breathtakingly enrapturing movie roles.

But he is not limited to motion capture by any means. Having smaller parts in King Kong as a crew member and also as Mr. Alley in The Prestige, you are taken in by his charisma and acting chops immediately. It’s unfortunate the Academy has not yet recognized him for his talents, but like all those great Oscar-less actors out there, they will soon be rewarded and given the endless respect they deserve so long they keep producing great content. To top it off, he is a pretty cool guy! He does so much charity and helpful acts for others that we could even overlook his talent and be enthralled by the man alone.

If you haven’t already check this man out and soak in the wonder and gift to cinema that is Andy Serkis.

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