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Joaquin Phoenix as Doctor Strange?

Rumors have been spread for months possibly determining who will be cast to play the Sorcerer Supreme and it looks like we may finally have our leading man.

Joaquin Phoenix has been in the rumor room since Comic-Con and had always been a name added to the pot. With other big name A-List actors on Marvel’s radar with the likes of Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Academy Award winner Jared Leto, Phoenix was as in the mix as much as anyone.

Obviously, Marvel has had their blueprint for years and years about the movie franchises they want to incorporate in these new Phases. One of the most common names thrown into the mix was that of Doctor Strange, a fairly significant departure from the big name heroes like Captain America, Hulk, and Iron Man. Looking more likely everyday, we should expect to see a Doctor Strange film after the release of 2016’s Captain America 3.

As far as Joaquin Phoenix to take on the role as Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange, I am content. Joaquin Phoenix is an incredibly talented actor with an impressive pedigree under his belt. Famous for his roles in recent films like Her or as the villainous Commodus in Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, I would find it hard to not cast a man as talented as Phoenix. Not to mention, this is right up Phoenix’s alley. Doctor Strange is weird and dark and unlike all other Marvel properties to date, Joaquin could do just that.

He can clearly portray specific figures to a tee, exhibit A would be as Johnny Cash in Walk the Line where he shows the raw emotion and turmoil that needed to seen properly. Doctor Strange is very much a character who goes through hardships and has anything but a normal life.

For awhile I didn’t really care about the idea of Joaquin Phoenix as Doctor Strange in particular, though he could play many comic book characters off of sheer talent alone, my first choice was a name no one ever even through around in Viggo Mortensen. Either way, we will have to wait and see what is to come of this rumor and finally determine who will be the Sorcerer Supreme.

Adrian Peterson Says He Wants to Retire with the Cowboys?

Now, I would understand why Peterson would not want to play for the Vikings, but saying you want to play for the Cowboys while you are still on the Vikings makes no sense.

Adrian Peterson is without a doubt the best running back over the past few years, dominating teams run defenses all by himself. Taking the title of MVP after tearing his ACL and rushing for 2,097 yards, garnering a lucrative $96 million deal, why would you go and say some crap like that?

I am not a Minnesota Vikings fan by any means, but I respect how well they have treated, in my opinion, the best player in the league. It becomes a bit of a slap in the face to that organization when he says he wants to retire a Cowboy. Don’t get me wrong, who wouldn’t want to play for their hometown team? I completely comprehend his mindset and do not think it is wrong to feel the way he does, but keep it to yourself dude.

You are still on a team and with a franchise who cherishes you like a king and has been on your side for years since you were drafted, then you decide to hint (again) at possibly being a Dallas Cowboy one day? I don’t know, that rubs me like a bad massage. If my hero Hines Ward, said he wanted to retire an Atlanta Falcon after all his years and service as a Steeler, it would leave a sour taste in my mouth for many years to come.

I am just glad this does not involve my team, if you are a Vikings fan, I would feel pretty bitter. Even so, he did clarify and sort of defend his love for Minnesota and all that political stuff, but we all know they do that out of requirement and aggressive suggestion.

What do you guys think of Adrian Peterson’s comments about retiring as a Dallas Cowboy? Should Jerry Jones be fined or penalized for possibly tampering with a teams franchise player by adding fuel to the fire? Let me know and comment below!

Horns Trailer Review (Daniel Radcliffe)

Oh look, Daniel Radcliffe with another visibly distracting object on his forehead, but instead of a lightening bolt, it’s, you guessed it, HORNS! Horns is supernatural horror film inspired by the book of the same title. Following Ig Parrish and all the drama he soon faces in search for the culprit of his girlfriends violent rape and murder. To help him along the way is that of some shit growing from his head that allows anyone who come into contact to fall to their deepest impulses. Pretty helpful trick for when you’re playing an SVU agent.

In all honesty, I have been anticipating this film since I finished the book, and the book was tremendous. The premise involves Mr. Potter and his red head girlfriend Ginny Weasley…I think that’s her name, and his journey to solve her murder… I guess I shouldn’t joke about the premise since it’s kind of morbid and involves heinous acts… I digress.

This trailer shows Daniel Radcliffe attempt an American/English accent and fail while he grows weird Satan inspired keratin spikes from his forehead. Along with some pretty terrible dialogue and flat delivery, it is does have it’s moments of intriguing scenes. One of those scenes quickly shows Potter’s transformation from being a normal wizard to Hellboy’s new poster child, dawning fire like skin and increasingly large finger nails from his head.

On the way, he is most likely going to go through a 6-6-6 inspired transformation that would make even Alice Cooper feel uneasy. Without further adieu, the trailer for Alexandre Aja’s newest film, Horns.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like Radcliffe as a person and was great as Harry Potter, but I do not think he is the actor we want him to be. He has done a few roles to try to steer clear from all the Potter comparisons and jokes, but that is easier said than done.

I really do hope this movie is better than what it’s trailer depicted and that the accent does not dilute from all the other good parts this movie seems to have. Rating is a 5.2/10.

Movie Sequels Are the Way of the Future

We all know originality is thinning out at best in the world of cinema. It’s really a shame studios feel their only option is to either reboot or continue franchises with the likes of sequels. I don’t know about you guys, but I miss the days when there were simply great stand alone films.

Whatever happened to movies like Forest Gump, Shawshank Redemption, I Robot even? You know, movies that ended without viewers and studios screeching for more. The dictatorship that is the film industry unfortunately has to think about the money, I totally get that, but they really are not able to find blockbuster ideas that haven’t been completely overplayed? We all saw how Indiana Jones 4 worked….

Granted, tons of films are out there with unfinished business to attend to when it comes to sequels. Take Sin City for example, a really well done film that is made to somewhat require a sequel. Fast forward nine years later, we just now get A Dame to Kill For. Money is the root that grows film studios and they are never going to shy away from money making tactics.

I can only fantasize about a day when a majority film goers will see more independent flicks and support the great art out there that we already have. We are becoming so spoiled with our entertainment, becoming short minded and not allowing the art to marinate, but this is not all of you. Studios, like any other business, are trying to make a profit, if the art turns out to be something like Transformers 4 then so be it. I guess I have to accept it is out of my control and sequels, reboots, and remakes are on the rise.

I mean hell, Ridley Scott has gone on record about discussing sequels to his films like Blade Runner and Prometheus, claiming that the sequels “are in the works”. Would I want to see them? Yea maybe, but is there such a demand or want that could tear a hole in the space time continuum? NO! If you’re asking me, I feel that studios are relying on nothing more than the nostalgia of certain properties. If the classic movies were shoes, they would be fresh shell toed Adidas, always clean and eternal, but instead, they have thrown Nike swooshes on the soles.

Eh well, we must adapt….even if we have to do it reluctantly.

Your Success is Determined Through the Doors You Open: The Keys to Success


Too many times do our words attempt to substitute what our actions should dictate. Your actions will always speak more volume than the featherweight words you utter. Far too often are we confining and pigeon-holding the work ethic that brings us the fortitude of triumph. So many of you assume that you will be alright in your life and for that, you procrastinate your potential. You will fall into the ebb and flow of mediocrity and complacency, pigeonholing what you are meant to be. You are just sitting around, waiting for the next best thing to land by your toes. As much as seizing the day does in fact matter, seize opportunities the day grants you.

Only so many doors will open in your lifetime, it is your job to enter those doors and seize what lies in those rooms. No matter how large or how small the room may be, we must take it and make it ours. We scan across so many of these doors and never bother to walk in. In fear, we ignorantly avoid the unknown and in doing so, we lose the chance to learn and overcome those faults. Every single one of us is going to make a mistake. Mistakes are the building blocks to bettering ourselves and in bettering ourselves, we will be successful.

Trial and error is unavoidable. With whatever goals you have that will bring you success, expect to fail. Whatever road you choose that leads to a certain goal, expect to fail, but if you want something bad enough, like water droplets falling into a lake, your opulence will expand. Of course, a ripple effect only benefits those who take the risk of going into the water without the fear of sinking. If you expect to sink in the water, expect to sink. No one who wanted to succeed said they were scared too drown, they only worried about staying afloat, and to continue treading on.

Want to know why I will strive and succeed? It’s because I am going above and beyond the standard. No one gets anywhere without a little proper timing and effort. Even with each individual containing a different definition of success, the keys to opening our doors remains constant.

We must always remind ourselves how bad we want it and how much you love it. Passion is a driving force to success. The work ethic you display is what leads to success. How good you are at something will lead to success. The bright red ribbon atop these tips is your constant focus on the matter at hand and keeping it in your line of vision as long as you need to.

All of us have the chance to be successful. Determining if it will it be easy or if it will be difficult will forever depend on the person. If you are driven and confident, it might be easier. If you are lethargic and fearful of the work needed to advance, expect a longer road ahead. Push yourself out of your comfort zone, but never forget what makes you special and what made you want to be successful. That constant reminder will be your Jiminy Cricket, reminding you what needs to be done. Maintain your core values and success with always follow you.

The Legend of Korra Season 3 Review – The New Animated Standard

Has a “kids” television series ever been more enthralling than that of The Avatar the Last Airbender franchise? There is not an animated show or film I have found to be more gripping and spectacular than Avatar has been. Whether it was the adventures of Avatar Aang or the legends of Korra, this show has brought all new standards to animation and shows as a whole.

Consistent themes of the show have always dealt with; family, friends, social order, and the persistent circumstances that try to ruin it all. I know I have not reviewed any episodes of either the shows, but after following it’s recent season to a tee, it is only right to discuss the sheer magnitude and incredible feat that is, Korra Book 3.

Book 3 continues to show viewers it’s breathtakingly iconic and quality animation and stories. The creators, Michael Dante Dimartino and Bryan Koneitzko, somehow, unimaginably out did themselves on this season. Coming off of their weakest season of the Avatar franchise in, Korra Book 2: Spirits, much expected skepticism was chasing it’s tail. With questions needing to be answered, they fulfill our craving for closure. The writers and creators quickly learned from any mistakes Book 2 had and overcame them to return like they were Super-Saiyan Goku.

Appearing out of nowhere, Book 3 aired on Nick without many of the fans even being aware, including myself. Without a real marketing scheme or publicity surrounding the third season, fans were nothing short of ecstatic about it’s sudden arrival. Once I discovered the times it aired and was finally able to visually feast on the new material, I knew this was going to be something special. Opening with a three part intro, spanning about 90 minutes, the show makes sure audiences understood it is here to stay. Ironically, the show because of ratings and views, did not get a chance to stay on TV. Without cancelling the series entirely, Korra’s episodes were moved to and could be watched anytime after it’s upload. That did not deter any of the genuine Korra fans, even by an inch.

The premise of this season follows that of Korra and Team Avatar and their new antagonist Zaheer and his four anarchist benders. After the events relating to Korra’s battle with Unaloq/Vaatu, the power of harmonic convergence spread across the world and brought forth, to some, the ability to airbend. One of those affected was Zaheer while he laid patiently in his prison cell. Eventually breaking him and his cronies out of their respective prisons, thanks to his new found bending abilities, they begin causing Korra and team more trouble than ever.

We witness some of the most incredible fight sequences to date between Team Avatar and Zaheer. Insinuating the death of more characters in this season than any other combined, we are given the groundwork for the rest of the season’s tone. dark and gritty and suspenseful. Adversity paints Korra as a tough and hot headed avatar still, but even with her title, she is easily the most human of all  of her past lives.

Without explaining every episode, I want to discuss the phenomenal two-part finale. Before the finale, Zaheer had captured all of the new airbenders with the help of his accomplices (now known as members of The Red Lotus). Imprisoned, Tenzin along with his siblings Boomi and Kya, are beaten by the Red Lotus and lay as prisoners unless Korra turns herself in to Zaheer. Reluctantly, Team Avatar agree to let her turn herself in.

Via ongoing action and unparalleled fight choreography, we witness the showdown a grand finale should have. With surprises from every corner and trouble always around the corner, we are gripped from beginning to end. Though no appearances, like some may have hoped (Toph), it does not even matter. Cameos become an afterthought as soon as the episode loads onto your computer screen. Ground has been shattered because of where this show has gone and where it has become. It is one of those rare shows that grew with its audience and understood the wants we had. Taking us to new emotional highs and lows.

With Korra in a wheelchair after her fight with Zaheer, you can sense she needs to rebuild herself as the savior of the world. With foreshadowing galore about what her state means for the evil of world, we will not know until next season. We end the episode with Korra crying tears joy and sorrow as she watches Jinora take on the title of Airbender Master along with her new found balled head and traditional arrow tattoos. I beautifully somber end to a beautifully somber season. I rate this season and it’s finale a perfect score, 10/10. Everything worked and kept true to itself and its fans and I’m sure will continue to do just that.

Korra ended off with an insane battle between remarkable event of Jinora (Tenzin’s daughter) becoming an aibender master and being given her traditonal arrow tattoos.


Annabelle Trailer Review


If we are spinning off Harry Potter and Star Wars, we mine as well spin off The Conjuring. If any of you haven’t seen The Conjuring, it tells the story of a couple in 1971 who investigate supernatural events and haunting. At the end of the film you see the image of a doll (Annabelle) with weird music playing in the background. This doll somehow has managed to squeeze its way into a spin off flick, which I must say, looks absolutely terrifying.

Still have chills? Even though I am not a fan of horror, I thought director James Wan did a great job with The Conjuring and looks like he is bringing some of that horror black magic to Annabelle as a producer. Giving us an origin story to creepy figurine, Annabelle is going to show us the terrifying look at how the demon possessed doll came to be. Showing an unexpected family awaiting to be victimized, we can see the fright that the director is attempting to create. I am also impressed at how the trailer was shot, giving a clear but subtle visual as to how feel of movie will be. Giving creepy glimpses of the fearful events the doll and demon started, I am looking forward to seeing this…I think.

I give the trailer a 9/10 for sheer creepy factor alone. It also helps the same director of the original film is coming back as this films producer and seeing it is James Wan (Saw, Insidious 1 & 2, Fast and Furious 7, Dead Silence)Annabelle is definitely in the right hands to be a great late night scare.

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