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Jamie Foxx is To Play Mike Tyson in Biopic

I’m game! I mean why is this not a complete buy for you all?! Jamie Foxx is an Academy Award winning actor (Best Actor for Ray, 2004) for his performance as Ray Charles and has the range to play a guy as intriguing as Mike Tyson. Another great reason to buy this idea is because the writer for Martin Scorsese’s latest film The Wolf of Wall Street will be writing this film as well.

I’m not entirely sure if they have director signed on, but the fact they already have two amazing talents pinned with this film is gonna be an interesting story to follow.

Many of the reasons I am singing about all of this news is right there in the pudding. They have talent orbiting this film, Mike Tyson is an incredibly fascinating person to see a story about, and (my prediction) is that it will be more of an unfiltered story. I’m hoping it is none of that Hollywood, white-washed, bull crap they keep throwing at us all the time. Sometimes, it feels like a bunch chimps (no offense to the chimps) and one white guy executive-dude decide on how these films need to be portrayed.

Hopefully none of that vanilla style of idea making comes into play with a story as heavy as the life of Mike Tyson. He’s too much of popular figure to have a sugar coated, lame, and soft movie made about him.

Obviously, I would never say that Tyson is anything like a Nazi or the Holocaust, not at all, but you wouldn’t make a soft or sugar coated film about Hitler, would you? No. So why make a soft movie about a tough guy like “Iron” Mike?

I’m sorry my example is so extreme, but you get my point (I hope). I’m very excited about this!


Do I Have A Type?

I was at work today and my shift ended early. I proceeded to point out a really attractive and fit woman with dark hair and other appealing features. My coworker looks to me with a smirk and genuinely asks what my type is.

This had me think for a minute. Normally, I am not a guy who likes to think he has what I would describe as a type, but rather what I seem to go after…..oh….that’s a type. Anyway, I began to detail to my female coworker about my type. I rattled off traits I personally like in a woman; nice eyes, a nice smile, a nice butt, and things like that. It then dawned on me, that I may possibly be attracted to only that one type of girl. What I mean is, I seem to only point out the trait specific women.

Whenever I get asked this question, I tend to give more of an example. My examples consist of celebrities, such as, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lawrence, Sofia Vergara, Roselyn Sanchez, Meagan Good, Ciara, and the Jennifer Aniston’s of the world.

That’s quite an attractive list if I do say so myself.

To my dismay, these same alluring attributes are often coveted by a plethora of other angry males. Due to such characteristics being so wanted, I should not be surprised to find that many of these ladies are taken. Not all of them mind you, but a fair share of them. I always tell people, I have met many girls who fit my check boxes, beyond the physical traits. I tend find intelligence rather sexy along with the want for adventure. Nothing is better for an adventurous guy than a woman to share it with. These are the deeper things I want in my lady. Sadly, it’s hard to find this…. type.

This is a tough process simply because we as people look for a lot in a suitable mate. I say its a 1 and 100 chance you become paired with the woman/man of your dreams.

Granted, these women I just described are definitely out there and in my line of sight, but the annoying constituent about a woman of that caliber is that, this makes them comparable to a Holy Grail. They’re not easy to find and they could possibly be covered in shiny stuff, likes silver and gold.

I’ve actually met so many girls that fit this description that it could become the next great Nicholas Sparks. From the smile to the smarts, I have seen her.

The issue with my type is this, I’m not their type.

Can you believe it?! It makes me wonder if it is because I am black.

No, seriously. I am not the guy who pulls a race card for anything, but I’m running out of theories as to why I am not “boyfriend material” for these ladies. No matter the girl I meet, I am happy to say I get compliments from them all. Most of the time, they are about; my personality, my looks and style, my heart, or my intellect… What am I missing then? It’s not like I’m screwing every girl on the first date or on my phone while with them or picking my nose and eating it’s contents….I mean I did chicken out to go on a ride once at the fair once….BUT, I had warned her I hate fairs and rides that go high up.

Her fault.

To add salt in the wound, they always tend to mention what a great boyfriend I could make….like what?! Don’t just drop that line and let me down softly afterwards. That’s nothing more than a hunter shooting the deer and hugging it like a child afterwards. Naw chica, I don’t work that way. Shiiiiiiiit at least let me grab some titties first!


Maybe I should look outside of this type I seem to have, but Lord knows I have tried. Race does not matter in the slightest, it never has and never will, nor does anything else really. As long I can be happy and have fun with you (and vice versa), and know you won’t dig your key into the side of my pretty little suped up four wheel drive and carve your name into the leather seats, why should I typecast?

Whatever, maybe I should go with that whole genetics argument and that stuff about “being a product of your environment”. 

If you do not know what I mean by either of these, I’ll sum it up:

  • Genetics – It was said in some study you are attracted to the traits your mother or father (depending if you’re male or female) has and you will find attraction in those said attributes
  • Your Environment – Whatever you saw or were around the most, you will most likely find appealing (sometimes that’s the total opposite of course)

I dunno guys, types are weird and I wish we didn’t have them. I seem to amaze myself at how shallow I secretly am. Am I shallow for thinking this way?


I don’t actually give a shit. I like what I like, as do we all. Just do not be a dick about it or make it a racist or prejudice issue like people have a theme of doing.

Jessica Biel

Aquaman Movie Idea

I’ve been reading DC’s Best Selling New 52 series and finally got to the much talked about Aquaman series.  (READ THEM!)

Let me start by saying thank you. Thank you Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado for bringing us a legitimate version of Aquaman. For a long time, Aquaman was nothing more than America’s punch line.

“Oh he can only talk to fish.”

“What could Aquaman do to save people? He’s lame.”

These are the things that we all have been guilty of uttering one way or another.

Throw all that crap out the window. Aquaman is a bad ass and the damn king of the ocean! The writing and art is absolutely incredible and brings Arthur Curry and friends into a new light. With that said, the DC Universe is already trying to come into fruition with the help of: Man of Steel, the upcoming Batman v. Superman, and The Justice League. Zack Snyder at the helm of it all, why not take the risk and put The New 52’s Aquaman?

Rumors began to spread about a possible casting for Aquaman in the likes of Jason Momoa. When I first heard this, I wasn’t really upset or happy, but then I read the New 52 Aquaman.

The New 52 was DC’s way of rebooting and refreshing a large cast of their characters, one of them obviously being Aquaman.

We believed Arthur Curry (Aquaman) to be this lame, weak, and a useless hero, when in reality we see his full potential as a stern, stubborn, angry, and powerful, but conflicted character. He struggles understanding (like many heroes) who he is as a person and who he must choose to protect. Of course, we know Arthur is nothing like a normal person, at all. Being a founding member of Justice League and born of an Atlantean mother and human father, with super-strength, the ability to telepathically control sea life, and almost bullet proof skin, he is far from being normal.

None the less these all make for great plot conflicts.

With such a compelling new take on his character, why not shut up all the doubters by bringing him to life as a ruthless and stringent warrior type being?

One of the story lines I think WB and DC could roll with involves the story of The Trench. 

The Trench wonderfully introduces Curry to the public as a green and orange clad being who can flip trucks with one swing of his trident, but on the other hand, he is a kind and misinterpreted figure to the citizens.

There are many great scenes that ask the ignorant questions about his character and sum up the holes many have wondered about for decades. One in particular is so small, but effective and that is when he walks into a restuarant and asks for some fish and chips. Yes, Aquaman indeed eats fish as shown hilariously through a few panels. (That’s a pretty funny scene.)

The Trench also introduces intriguing villains who could end up becoming reoccurring threats to the surface world and the Justice League. Picture a swarm of abyss dwelling humanoid angler fish who’s soul purpose is to consume life…yea. I have yet to hear an argument as to how that would not be a antagonist for an Aquaman movie.

Picture a scene of nothing but darkness with a voice narrating and describing the blackness and mysteries of the ocean, when all of a sudden, you hear the grumblings of a mysterious and unknown language. Unbeknownst to the audience, a dark skinned being peaks its toothy, mangled jaw into the light as the sun shines through the ocean.  You see silhouettes of its body as it chatters in an unknown language. You are not sure who it is speaking too until a camera shot angles to show behind the mysterious creature, only to see more silhouettes of trench monsters.

Tell me that is not a crazy way to start a superhero movie. It’s dark, mysterious, and can be shown in such a frightening way, that it could fit into this new more brooding, realistic universe. The best part is, that would only be one of the beginning scenes! The anticipation would quickly built and already gives a dire threat to the protagonist.

^^^^^^^^Tell me you wouldn’t want to see that ^^^^^^^^^


With this description of a newer and more bad ass Aquaman, I now hope the rumors are true about Momoa playing Arthur. Momoa is tough and looks the part of an Atlantean (seeing he has an islander descent and look) which I’m sure makes many sweaty nerds angry seeing Momoa does not fit the Aryan perfection that is Arthur Curry, but we don’t care about that as much as we think.

My summary is this:

  1. Have it follow the source material for; The Trench, The Others, and Throne of Atlantis story lines that the New 52 has brought us.
  2. Why? Because they are gripping and intense stories meant for cinema
  3. Which are set mostly in the water! How cool would a mostly oceanic film be to look at??
  4. Helps give legitimacy to the character for unfamiliar audiences
  5. It can provide a crisis for any Justice League films of the future…or even other solo hero films….hmmmmmmm

Where there you have it! Who would you cast as Aquaman? Who would you want to direct it? I’m sticking with Momoa and picking a guy like a Alfonzo Curaun or Gareth Edwards to helm the directing chair, but a newcomer wouldn’t upset me either.




Does She Like Me or Is She Just Being Nice?

Time and time again, we discuss with our peers about whether or not our crush may like us or not. Many instances you will notice that the guy/girl you like happens to be really nice to you and is very out in the open and comfortable around you.

A good start, right?

Let’s say you ask to hang out with that person. You and your crush are now out in public one on one.

You have a tremendous time with them and quickly you notice everything is going well and you’re cheesing from ear to ear. It’s all falling into place. The problem is, you are now feeling soooooo wonderful about this whole scenario and decide to hang out with them once again. Amazingly, they still say yes and proceed to hang with you once more.

“Travis, where are you going with this?”

I’ll tell ya!

You have now gone on many dates with your crush. Everything is still fine and dandy, so fine in fact, you decide you want to ask them to be your girlfriend/boyfriend. You are really excited about your decision to ask her/him out because of how well everything has gone, but all of a sudden you ask and it all crumbles like Oreos in milk.

Now you are confused and lost as too what just happened.

Being able to speak from experience, I can tell you this much, learn about his/her body language. That’s right….body language.

When you break down a majority of the obvious signs such as; touching of the hair, physical contact, placement of the arms and legs etc. you will quickly realize whether this person is simply very nice or if they have a genuine interest in you beyond friendship.

The reason body language, I have found is key, is because we as humans are built to respond in very subtle ways. We react this way for damn near everything/ Case and point, if this crush of yours begins to show distance themselves when you get closer to them or doesn’t really react when you compliment them or whatever, chances are they could be picking up on your flirting and realizing you may like them. Obviously, if they are distancing from you, chances may be you are not who they are looking for in a romantic relationship, for whatever reason that may be.

Don’t get me wrong, the last thing I want you readers to do is over-analyse all the actions your crush is making. I beg you all to not fall into that trap.

But let’s be real, if someone has spent that much time with you and reacted to any of your flirtatious gestures positively, sure, I would jump the gun and assume they like you even if it is just a little bit.

Granted, everything depends on everything. What I mean by this is, circumstances and situations can be altering factors in whether or not someone begins to like you, beyond friendship. The best thing you can do ask is them. Nothing is better than gaining the courage and mustard to stand/sit next to someone and tell them how you like them. It’s old fashioned and very straight forward and done by almost everyone.

The best case scenario is that they like you as much as past outings showed. The worst case, they find you great to be around, but just are not romantically into you like you are them.

Everything depends on everything.

For all we know, you could have said something to turn them off or done something that offended them. Anything could happen!

It’s a very cruel reality most of us have had to face in our lives. I can tell you this with honesty and heart.

Why? Because I am confident this all happening to me right now! I definitely do not like it, but as a man, I just throw on some Drake or Three Days Grace, I drink some Arizona green tea and continue my life doing what I like to do.

The expression goes there are more fish in the sea, right? Well do as Dory does and just keep swimming. Everything will be just fine as long as you read the signs carefully. Do not assume anything is rightfully yours when trying to be in a relationship. You are not entitled to anything and that includes a kiss all the way to sex.

I hope you enjoyed this adult swim in my ocean of dramatic similes and overly dramatized Finding Nemo references!


The NFL and Ray Rice…

(Clenches forehead)

I love watching football, I do! I love a ton of things about it and always will….unless shit mirroring anything like this Ray Rice incident continues, with little to no penalty.

Ray Rice was caught on a hotel camera carrying his unconscious girlfriend out an elevator. Enough said.

From what I am aware of, the dude knocked his woman out cold and didn’t really give two flying f**ks.

What in the hell is wrong with Commissioner Goodell?? I’m not sure I follow the logic behind only suspend this bastard for TWO GAMES! This is the issue facing the “rules” and decisions that the NFL have been enforcing. This goes far beyond rules that delete offensive players from blocking hard (The Hines Ward Rule) or making kick offs obsolete, this far more serious than that.

For those who do not know, there is a very talented and troubled player by the name of Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns. Josh Gordon, a wide receiver, is most likely facing a year long suspension for his third strike on smoking pot.

Yes, I am very much aware of the third strike you’re out rule, that goes without saying, but it troubles me we are so quick to condemn a pot head in the NFL, but not give a second look at the wife beating piece of shit wearing a purple, #27 jersey. And, to put salt in the wound, the Ravens head coach John Harbaugh shrugs this whole matter off like it never happened…. WHAAAAAAAT?!

As much as I hate the Cleveland Browns, I don’t find Josh Gordon’s scenario nearly as serious as the media wants it to be. On the other hand, a pot head does not compare to the crap occurring the overrated Ike Turner of the NFL….oh sorry Ray Rice. A two game suspension folks. The guy is going to miss two games… In the beginning of the season none the less! He isn’t missing the play-offs or the Superbowl, this is two, count em, TWO games.

Men (I use the word “men” insanely loosely) that lay their hands on women of any age do not have anything respect in my book. I wouldn’t piss on #27 if he was on fire and I say the same about the Ravens organization. Brushing off serious situations shows me that the Ravens and their head coach do not have a care in the world about this poor woman or any other women being domestically abused.

As for Josh Gordon, let’s be real, the dude is an idiot. He can’t seem to stop smoking weed long enough to have a once in a lifetime career playing a sport, so be it. If that’s the case, f**k that dude and worry more about the serious matters in hand. We have a wife beating asshole getting off scot-free.

Ray Rice….I hope Lawrence Timmons shatters your face into the dirt then spits on your helmet.

Finally, I wanna show love Janay Palmer (Ray Rice’s wife) love and pray you are smart enough to get out the situation you are in. No woman deserves to be beaten by anyone. Here’s the proof below.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armiers, Trailer Review

A trailer just dropped about a day ago for the final chapter of The Hobbit saga and boy was it a damn good trailer!

We are given glimpses of what is to come for our 13  dwarf friends along with their powerful wizard guide and a very impressive hobbit hero.

If you have NOT seen any of The Hobbit movies I suggest you stop reading because guess what, SPOILER ALERT!!!!

At the end of the Desolation of Smaug, we were left hanging about what was going to happen with the citizens of Lake-town and what our heroes were going to do. After countless minutes of exciting action and drama revolving around the dwarfs and Bilbo inside Smaug’s layer (inside the Lonely Mountain) we are hypnotized by a scene of the “fire drake from the north” flying out of the mountain muttering the words; “I am fire…I am death.”

I dunno about you guys, but that’s how cliff hangers need to be.

In this trailer, we see everything from Orlando Bloom as Legolas to Smaug, to Bilbo, and armies of elves and dwarfs. What we can gather is nothing short of a great battle…. I mean… it is in the title I suppose…

Either way, the cinematography looks great. The characters look great as always. The emotion and chills went all through my body all with the soundtrack of Pippin’s song, “Edge of Night”, from the Return of the King.

Guys, I think Peter Jackson is going to give a great and epic conclusion to the world of Middle-Earth. Through countless years of readers and historians of the J.R.R Tolkien novels comes the live action end-all-be-all sequel to “The Desolation of Smaug” in, “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”.

For all those who haven’t seen the trailer, please look down below for I have pasted the YouTube link for all to see!


It’s that time of the year! When sweat, blood, tears and the will to win are the only things that matter. That’s right, football training camp is on our way!

Being a young gun from the PGH (Pittsburgh) you have to know who my team is.

Either way, as a fan of the sport you can’t not be excited about all your brand new player prospects. From draft picks to free agents, nothing is more exuberating than the anticipation of new arrivals or even veteran players.

Nothing is guaranteed in the good ol’ NFL and yet all 32 team’s fan bases roar and shout like Romans at the Colosseum.

“Are you not entertained?!”

Pads and helmets clang like swords on shields, while coaches play the part of Emperors, giving the thumbs up or down for prospective gladiators.

Football is America’s sport.

No disrespect to the other foot-ball, but let’s be real, American football is the pinnacle and standard of sporting events here in the states. Naturally, I am beyond excited for this season in particular. As a person who follows the draft as a year-round event and keeps up with all the news, nothing makes me more jittery than hearing and seeing the players in action.


Nothing compares to football. I say that with confidence because we have all seen that person or may have even been that person who, even though never follows sports in general, gets excited when the game is on.

Wanna know why? Because football is passion. Football is social gatherings. Football is wings and beer and overly biased opinions, but most importantly, football is here!

“And here…We.. GO!”


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